bulk email hosting

  1. T

    legite or scam "hostbpinc"

    can anyone tell me if this service is legite or scam!!
  2. A

    Bulk email solution

    Looking for someone for ongoing continued business. I need to send out bulk emails. These are from lists of old leads, and some optin data. I want to get a solution with full ip rotation(256 ips or so.) I need someone who can maintain the ip reputation, manage domains, setup new vps instances...
  3. R

    Bulk Email Verification Service is looking for a proper hosting plan

    Hello guys, I just finished designing my bulk email verification script and now I'm looking for a proper hosting plan for that service, I'd like some help how to get the proper hosting for that service. I'm a newbie here hoping you can help. this service will work like sending requests for mail...
  4. B

    Dedicated server for user invite mailing (300K mails/day)

    We have an existing website, where users can signup with gmail/yahoo/hotmail etc, import their email contacts and invite their friends. Much like Facebook/LinkedIn etc. The website is experiencing exponential viral growth, and we need a server that can handle the amount of emails that we send...
  5. J

    Bulk email server needed

    I am in need of a reliable bulk email server/service that will not ban me for complaints or bounces. I have several million compliant opt-in addresses and need to send to anywhere from 100 to 1 million per day. I am not overly concerned with delivery or inboxing, just want to be able to send...
  6. U

    Bulk Email VPS Hosting that Ignores Complaints?

    I purchased a list to send marketing emails for my site. The first few months I'll have a high number of complaints and bounced emails. I have an unsubscribe link and am using a service that automatically permanently removes anyone who unsubscribes, complains or is bounced. Eventually I'll...
  7. jazza

    Bulk Emails and List Cleaning

    Hi all I could really do with some guidance. I have a client who is currently using Icontact and Mailchimp, they pay a fair bit for Icontact and I would like to find a solution whereby they are not being charged according to the number of contacts they have. They have opt-in lists but also...
  8. S

    WTH BULK EMAIL SENDER- I Have 50,000 unique fax numbers (1 page length)

    Here is some criteria, although interested in learning options... [*=1]Each Server Comes with 2 Clean IP Addresses [*=1]IPs Can be Changed out Monthly at No Cost [*=1]Dedicated IPs = Higher Email Delivery Rates [*=1]Secure, Web-based User Interface [*=1]Intuitive Navigation and Controls...
  9. K

    Best Hosting option for site promoted with bulk email?

    What is the best and cheapest hosting option for a site promoted with Bulk email? Is it best to use one of those $150 - $199 "bulletproof" hosting companies, or are there other, better or cheaper options that won't ban a site promoted by bulk email??? Maybe this is just common knowledge. I...
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