building back links

  1. P

    Worried that backlink sources might one day run out

    I'm building backlinks and having a good time right now. But I am also worried about things constantly - now, for the first time ever, about backlinks. I'm worried that the places to build backlinks on (organically) might one day run out. How do you guys cope with this? Obviously I am doing...
  2. abdel007

    How Long Should I Wait To Start Building Backlinks For a New Website ?

    Hi, My website Is 2 month old (Domain Age) have more than 200 articles. Your answer will be appreciated :)
  3. MuDiab

    Contextual Backlinks Vs Normal Backlinks

    Hello Everybody, I want to know what is the difference between Contextual Backlinks which placed within the content itself and sidebar widgets, footer and other backlinks. In terms of the value passed to the main site.
  4. B

    Same IP, linking bad?

    OK, so here's the scenario... we're all busy linking to social media sites, and social bookmarking, submitting articles and pinging. Maybe you're writing Press Releases, posting up blog content or even making videos... ... and ALL of them link to your same IP address... isn't this a bit...
  5. K

    Spin Comments, Not Articles?

    I've been following discussions on bhw for some time and notice that difficulties with article spinning crop up rather often. The two basic solutions appear to be hand-spinning, which works well but takes too much time and using spinning software but takes up virtually no time but usually...
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