1. MadsDK

    Best Publishing Tool for Instagram?

    I'm looking for the best tool to automatically upload posts to Instagram on multiple accounts. I have used Buffer in the past and have been quite happy with them, but unfortunately now multiple accounts have become too expensive. The tool should allow you to create posts to multiple accounts at...
  2. Teh Canadian

    [My Setup] 1 Hour/Daily, 8 Instagram Accounts Leveling

    Hello everyone, Long time lurker, recently decided to create a BHW account with the entire world going to shit. Figured there was nothing to lose. I unintentionally highjacked another thread with my little Instagram setup so here I go making my 1st thread. Disclaimer: I am by no means an...
  3. I

    Do Post scheduling services like buffer, hootsuite, hubspot or later forward your IP to Instagram ?

    Let me explain my scenario properly, I am trying to schedule posts to about 10 odd instagram profiles via buffer from same IP. All these 10 instagram pages are connected to same facebook profile(connecting is mandatory for scheduling). Very often I see for about 50% of my instagram pages, buffer...
  4. D


    Hi guys! I'm a Digital Marketer and Web Designer (Html, PHP, LUA) who found out about this wonderful community. I do mostly blogs or business sites on WordPress and also e-commerce on Big Commerce, Shopify, and more. Also, I work with some social media accounts on IG, Buffer, FB and Yelp. <3
  5. koulde

    [halp] Activity network, needs more outpoints

    Hello, This is my first thread after many years lurking around, I wanted to share my old ifttt network that I used to boost my seo and activity for both my personal and business accounts. I completed an upgraded cluster with a custom webapp running macros/crons based on tags. Though I am hoping...
  6. Gabriel Damian

    Buffer Help 700 tweets/day

    Hello guys. Recently Buffer change some stuffs, including posting only to 1 twitter account at a moment. I manage 7 accounts in my niche whit over 95k followers and I need more than 100 tweets per account in a single day, but after these changes this process takes me more than 3 hours daily...
  7. TipsterTom

    How to automatize IG posting? I'm using Buffer & it's a pain to approve every posts manually

    Just as I wrote in the title: I'm managing multiple IG accs in different time zones. I'm using Buffer for scheduling, and post creation, but it is a pain in the a$$ to approve posts in the middle of the night. Is there a workaround to IG's auto-posting limitations? If yes, can it be combined...
  8. Carlos TV

    Alternative to Buffer / Hootsuite

    Hi guys, I'd like to recommend you this social media tool that I do use. It allows you 3 main things: - Get inspiration of what is trendy everyday - Create visual content with thousands of templates (as you'd do with Canva for example) - Spread the content amongst your social networks, as...
  9. A

    Social Media Campaign HELP

    I have a very huge problem. I am not an SEO expert. Does not know any marketing strategy or whatever. My boss ask me to set up a social media campaign. I research it via web and base on my research, social media campaign is similar to advertising/marketing. Could anybody explain to me what...
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