broken backlink

  1. jneill21

    When is it worth to buy an expired domain for 301 redirect?

    Hello Community, I'm wondering when it makes really sense to buy an expired domain for a 301 redirect which link I found on a strong website. Example (I'm using ahrefs for checking): - The 'main' site has a DR of 89 and DA of 67. I found a link of an expired domain on it. - The expired domain...
  2. Norman_drey

    Will loosing backlinks affect my ranking & Authority?

    I recently purchased an expired domain, when I first check ahref they showed me 1.2k backlink 2 weeks later which is today, I checked again and my backlink had dropped to 990 I checked the current backlink showing on ahref and found out that dome of those pages linking to my domain are no longer...
  3. kurosaki4d

    Does broken link backlinking lasts?

    Hi, I've spotted quite a few broken links (domains) in authoritative sites, these are misspelled domains i was wondering if i buy them and i redirect them to my money pages will the link juice pass on? And will it last? Also, if i 301 redirect this broken link, if the owner of the authority...
  4. ChristineAshe

    Backlink Discrepancy in Revived Site.

    Hey all, So, I revived an expired domain. I resurrected the old site from web archive and everything went smoothly. Bing webmaster tools says around 550 inbound links google 179 external links and ahrefs around 620 backlings. What is going on? Why there is such a big discrepancy in numbers...
  5. Genie100

    Broken links method

    Hi community! I've been spending a lot of time looking for broken links in my niche. Sent many e-mails to webmasters and proposed my links instead. Of course same niche. Never got any response back. Not a single link. Does this method even work? Appreciate if you could share the websites that...
  6. Genie100

    Fixing broken links

    Hi, Do you have any success with the fixing broken links method? I've been finding relevant broken links on other websites in my niche. Tried contacting them about it without success.... Did any of you had success with that or is it just another SEO myth? Thanks!
  7. J

    Found Broken Links like "?social-login=facebook"

    Hello, I have just check my website through the tools and getting some broken links but links are like "?social-login=facebook" for every page of my website please let me know what is this?
  8. skeye

    [Method] Broken link building and finding dropped domains with good authority

    I recently dumped a file with 2,600 404 links on Wikipedia and another one with 190 Dropped Domains. Here's how you can find 404 links or drops relevant to your niche. 1. Get a list of authoritative websites from your niche and a list of relevant Wikipedia articles. 2. Download Netpeak Spider...
  9. jani

    Broken Backlinks

    Hi , Last week i have checked with the back links and i have found nearly 10% of the back links are dead or these links effect my ranking.and other 2% of the back links are with moz spam score above 5. and my site has been raised with spam score 1 to 3 can any one suggest me in this...
  10. R

    Broken Backlink / at end

    Hi, I posted an article with a backlink to one inner page of my website and by some typing mistake the backlink generated with a slash at the end. instead of pointing to Now the issue I am facing my G webmaster showing lots of...
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