1. A

    Hey BHW, i'm an ancient soul in a young body with a lost memory.

    Hello Fellow #000000 Hats, i'm Ares, most broke guy on earth, and kinda doomed as nothing works out well with me x), i'm trying my best to survive IRL, i'm not new to BHW, cause i got flashbacks where i was surfing this world, but i don't think i was applying any of the valuable informations...
  2. BlueCatServices

    [Journey] - From Broke to a Living: a humble journey

    From Broke To a Living: a Humble Journey Short story I've started this journey at the end of this April. I had a couple of experiences in the 9 to 5 system, always feeling, deep inside, that it wasn't for me. I've always had an independent attitude, crazily stubbornness and I've never been able...
  3. A

    Need Some Honest Advice

    It seems like every other teenager my age has a lot of money and expensive phones, shoes, etc. I on the other hand have no money, overprotective parents, an outdated android, and a low end Chromebook computer. Do these teens make money on their own or is all their money likely given to them by...
  4. IamNRE

    What I Learn From Going Broke 3 Times...

    Not my story, but I can definitely relate and I think EVERYONE should watch this video. You'll be grateful you did when you finally make your millions ;)
  5. D

    Twitter Niche Page Affiliate Part 1

    Hello Blackhat friends, I'm new here, but I've been lurking in the shadows, learning, waiting, scheming. Anyway, I am flat broke, on unemployment, in $9500+ debt, and the unemployment rate in my area is well over 10%. Financially, I'm not doing so well. So once again I have been looking for...
  6. HFBny

    Just been away for a while... Vent/Grief

    What can I say, I just feel broken and completely defeated and worthless. A few years ago I jumped into a business for some dumb reason I thought I could handle(Wholesale beauty supply b2b sales). In the end I had to close down shop and ended up $60k in debt with a wife and kids who are now...
  7. Aztec Silver

    Phone + YouTube + Google = Profit?

    Hey guys, I've been considering an idea for one of my new revenue streams. I wanted something that wouldn't take much time as I already have 3 other gigs I work on (IRL deliveries, Instagram affiliates, and reselling on eBay/ Mercari.) So I thought, why not just bring the content that already...
  8. Determined Diva

    And then suddenly....

    Haha I had to dramatize that! What would any of you do if you lost it all and had to come up with money within a week? It's all a make and break game so we start with the ever coveteted first Dollar! After thqt its replicating until we reach our desired number which doesnt exist lol. So...
  9. N

    Broke .... need a way to make money !!

    Hi i'm a newbie and i don't have money to start , i want a free way to make money as fast as i can at least 50 per day ,,,, any ideas . Thank you.
  10. Sweetrevenge

    [JOURNEY] Making $50 per day from being broke

    So here is my journey thread you guys @blogzandstuff @seocrab @CertificationsXpert @jefis @Android Tipster @Hydius @donnieadm @youveggie @mujji2 @cerebration @Sakil Mahmud @FOXDIE I know that some of you didn’t ask to be tagged, but the more we are, the more fun we have. Remember: English is...
  11. Wilson Grant Fisk

    50 Weird Ways People Go Broke

    How many have you tried? Anything else that screwed you up?
  12. F

    If you were a broke teen with only 150$ to your name what would you "invest" them on?

    Hey Guys, I'm not sure this is the right place to post this. If you guys were a broke teen trying to invest on the internet how would you spend your last 150$? I was thinking about spending the money on FollowLiker and trying to grow niches profiles then sell something. I read a lot of...
  13. G

    NOOB want's to make 5-10$/day

    Hello everyone, as you can probably see I'm new here but I have been reading this forum for a while now. Currently I'm really confused in my life and I don't know on what to focus. I want to make about 5-10$/day to save up for a bigger projects like starting Amazon affiliate site and eventually...
  14. Greengolegend

    What would you do in my situation? Going homeless

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking your time to read this. I am a 19 year old male who still lives with his parents. However.. they are about to kick me out of the house. I don't have an income or a saving. All i have is a iphone 6 that i can sell. I don't have a pc or laptop. I've been dropping...
  15. asimmons1989

    why are yall so broke?

    That's all I wana know. you sit on here and post post post and birdwatch all day but the reality of it is, you've been a member since been a member. but when someone has genuine question about it you wana be dicks and do you know why?? BECAUSE YOU BITCHES ARE STILL BROKE. Fuckin failures!
  16. D

    Fast Cash Methods for a Broke returning traveller?

    So ill be returning home next month after travelling the world with only £200 to my name roughly. I'll be living back at home initially and I'm looking for suggestions on how to make some money fast to get back on my own feet. I have skills in Article Writing, Video Editing, After Affects...
  17. snowberry

    This is all ridiculously frustrating >:( I have no money!

    I'd never think trying to make money would be this hard. it feels as if the universe is trying to sabotage me and prevent me from making any money, no matter how 'simple' the method there is ALWAYS a roadblock standing in my way, or requires funds I don't have to start which is a big risk for me...
  18. powerpuffgirls

    Journal : ZERO to HERO

    ​​Hi Everyone, I'm new, I'm broke. I been struggling to find a job for past half a year with my masters degree. I am at my lowest point of my life compared to all the years before 2015, but its all about perseverance & doing something about it each time you get the rejection letter from a...
  19. O

    lost my job and everything... what do I do now??? what would you do??? help me make money!

    so I lost my job the other day and my friend told me to get on this site and ask you guys what you would do in a situation like this. So I only have 100 dollars left, I have a new bank account, google checkout, hosting account, paypal, and greendot card. I know how to design sites, seo...
  20. S

    Need Help

    Hi I have been on this forum for over an year now...I have read a lot and had a moderate income..which has been spent already :D However, I would like to do/try something new now.. I would really be thankfull if you guys can tell me a way to make money..I have lots of VCCs..which means i have...
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