1. xdev

    Is breadcrumb on google serp still in testing process?

    I read some questions and articles about showing breadcrumb on Google serp for website pages. I saw that the appearance of the breadcrumbs on Google search results is controlled by Google, once the breadcrumb on your webpage structure data is detected they decide whether to show the breadcrumb...
  2. Isuamfon

    Does "data-vocabulary schema deprecated" AFFECT ranking?

    Good day, all. I have spent the last 20 hours trying to get a solution on this " data-vocabulary schema deprecated". After spending such unfruitful time, I have decided to let it be since I can't effect a change. I have checked my functions.php and the singles.php yet I can't figure out where...
  3. crissdinesh

    Google Search News Jan 2020: Breadcrumbs, BERT & GSC

    Hi Webmasters, No expressions in Muller's face. However, I think the content in this video is essential for newbie bloggers. Check this out:
  4. crissdinesh

    Breadcrumbs issue: schema deprecated

    Hello BHW, Today, I received an email from search console about breadcrumbs issue. I think most of the webmasters should have received this email today. If your site has breadcrumbs enabled with, it's time to replace it with It seems that the SEO plugin or the...
  5. zobicoin

    [HELP] New Google Update; Invalid URL issue

    So, got a mail from Google few days ago that new breadcrumbs issue was detected on my site. The error is Invalid URL in field "id". I have searched onljne for solution but it seems people are still finding it hard to get around this. I decided to bring the issue here with hope that the...
  6. J

    How Breadcrumbs Navigation is helpful to SEO?

    Is breadcrumbs are really needed in SEO? If yes can you pls explain how is useful to SEO.
  7. Z

    H tag in breadcrumbs

    Hi! One of my ecommerce website there is a h2 tag in every breadcrumbs (always the actual product name), and after the breadcrumb, in the text block there is a h1 tag with also the product name, so with the keyword. Is it bad for my seo?
  8. jameslarkin

    poll: can breadcrumbs be invisible they look shit

    can breadcrumbs be invisible they look shit if my background is white, can the breadcrumbs be white too yes or no
  9. kindarthur

    Report on 2018 SEO Strategy... It's time to act now!

    Hello BHWians, Welcome 2018! I hope you've all had a great time over the Christmas & New Year Holidays. Now it’s time to get back to your business. Begin this New Year’2018 amid a new goal! The year of 2017 was comparatively quiet tedious for SEO. But no matter how peaceful it was; it doesn't...
  10. anotherme

    Lost expanded snippet in SERP after I changed meta description

    Hi BHW, Yesterday I decided to change my meta description of homepage to another, more sales targeted.. I am 1st by my brand name search and 2nd by good niche keyword with SV=320. I had 4 links (breadcrumbs) under my snippet previously, both in branded and niche SERPs. After I changed...
  11. C

    Google Replacing My Title Tag with BreadCrumbs

    The title says it all. I noticed today in the SERPS that Google is using my breadcrumbs in place of the title tag for some of my pages. For the life of me, I cannot figure it out. I know this is a shot in the dark but hoping someone on BHW has come across this or might have a hunch. I...