brand bidding

  1. Abyssal Walker

    Hey BHW! Newbie here

    I'm a Brand Builder and Designer, Also, proficient in Instagram marketing. Excited to connect and share thoughts with you all! ❤️‍
  2. Lczq

    How do I find an affiliate program that allows (or doesn't forbid) brand bidding?

    Hi, I'd love to start my journey with brand bidding and I was wondering how do I find such affiliate programs.
  3. castoro

    Is Brand Bidding Officially Dead in 2022?

    I'm new to PPC, never even made a single campaign, BUT since I wanted to try it, I was reading in this forum some of the old threads, and brand bidding was seen as the go-to strategy to lower CPC and get a better ROI. Now I see that every affiliate program out there prohibits the usage of...
  4. Chilarai

    Why I Stopped Brand Bidding on Bing Ads

    Hello Everyone , I am new here. This is my first post . I've been brand bidding on Bing Ads since the last 6 months. But Last Week , I Stopped all my campaigns Here , I will share my experience : As Google Ads is suspending more and more ad accounts , people have started moving towards Bing...
  5. T

    Anyone Brand Bidding to Make money through Affiliate Marketing this Black friday?

    PPC experts & Black Friday guys? how's black friday going? is it a good idea to run brand bidding ads & earn money through affiliate. what's your take on it, how profitable it could be?
  6. C

    PPC Brand Monitoring Services

    There are a number of services that monitor branded PPC keywords and ads. These services all say they: - Can detect advertisers bidding on your brand terms - Can detect affiliates bidding on brand terms - Can detect ads that copy yours, no matter what the link - Detect from various...
  7. mystery

    How Do You Get Around This?!....

    Hello everyone, How do you get around this: "Google does not permit the advertisement of template sites for ad networks." That damn error message that pops up when you use certain keywords in your ads. Are they referring to Trademarked terms? I'm trying to include a name of a...
  8. B

    direct traffict to affiliate through ppc

    Hi all, I'm sure this question has been asked.. but i just cant find it. :) Could someone explain me the correct procedure for the following: I've applied for an affiliate program. I'm running ppc campaign on content networks and i use my affiliate link as a destination url / landing page...
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