bookmarking deamon

  1. A

    BookmarkingDemon Help(Required)

    Hi, I'm New To Using BookmarkingDemon Tool, For Social Bookmarking Process I'm getting To many Attention Required nos and getting Too Low Nos Of Success Rate,:(:( How to Get that High Number of Success rate in that , Can You any One Help / Guide Me In that, Note: I'm also Using Private...
  2. A

    What software is better for bookmarking - using Senuke X or Bookmarking Deamon?

    Before I want to buy access to SEO tools in terms of SEO tools, I would like to know what is better Senuke X or Bookmarking Deamon? What is the advantages of Senuke X over the Bookmarking Deamon? What is the advantages of Bookmarking Deamon over the Senuke X? In term of price...
  3. U

    Bookmarking deamon - any recent user reviews?

    Hey! I have read the forum about this software called BookmarkingDeamon. I saw some good and some bad reviews. But most of all reviews were talking about old version of BMD 5. I guess it fot updated, or Iam wrong? So if there were any updates, I would like to hear from you any reviews for...
  4. mrgrim

    Poll: Which is the best Bookmarking Software

    Is it bookmarking demon, senuke, Or book marking wiz (I believe thats the name). what do you think is the the best bang for your buck!!!
  5. daviddesign1

    BookmarkingDeamon Not working - HELP!

    Hi, I'm a total newbie to Blackhat and this forum as well. I'm trying take my first steps here and already stuck with some problem. After a lot of deliberation, i finally bought BookmarkingDeamon, as it was highly recommended by several people here at the forum as well. And today when on my...
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