1. ad2007

    What are the best books you've ever read?

    Hey all! I'm a fan of reading books so I just carious to know what are the best books (fiction and non-fiction) you have ever read? Here's my list: Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data... Crime and Punishment A Man Called Ove What about you? )
  2. umo98

    Journey to $1500/Month With KDP, Apple iBooks and more Before 31 March 2024

    Hi, I have been working with Amazon KDP for 11 months. Last year (2022) in March, I created my Amazon KDP account and published some books as an amateur. Over time, I watched most of the videos on this topic on YouTube, examined some niche topics in detail, and continued to create various books...
  3. C

    E-Book✅ - Learn How To Get PayPal & Stripe With Any Niche✅ Time To Beat Your Competitors And Make Cash!

    How to get PayPal and Stripe without restrictions! If you wonder why your competitors in your Niche have Stripe or PayPal, but you don't have a chance to open an account without it being closed right away, I have the solution for you! What can I expect from this eBook? I will show you step by...
  4. GainTheImpossible

    E-Book Course✅ - Learn How To FineTune OpenAI✅ and AI21 Labs ✅ Time To Create Your Own AI Writer ❤️❤️

    Spoiler: This is an E-Book course. What is this, E-book course, really? It's high-quality compiled information that shows you how to create your own fine-tuned model with OpenAI and Ai21. Yes, your own AI writing framework. It's a no-coding required course so you don't need to be a...
  5. harrywilliams

    Bulk Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) - Few Books Per Day Guide ?

    I've seen a few JOURNEYS where some of our fellow BHW members publish a few books per day. How to do that? Making coloring books using stock images? Using AI-generated content? Spinning content from the internet or from books? Drawing top of photos to make lines to drawings to create a...
  6. NightSquirrel

    Books to recommend?

    Hi! Christmas is around the corner and I want to buy some new economy/finance books like, rich dad poor dad if, if you know what I mean.. Please brainstorm your best books beat regards nightsquirrel
  7. Huncho

    I just finished a great book...

    Hi Guys, You probably know the book is one of the best sellers in its category with over 20 million copies sold. Who Moved My Cheese. But I was fascinated by the topic he was dealing with. The book is small about 90 pages read in 1 hour. 4 characters are in a cheese race in a maze. Cheese is...
  8. AlexTheGeek

    How would you create buzz around a new book?

    I'm currently working on a book set to be released in October, and today I'm just sitting down to create some sort of marketing plan/outreach plan to create buzz around the book. I just wanted to know if anyone had any fancy tips or strategies they've tried before they would like to recommend...
  9. AlexTheGeek

    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales and reviews? How do I proceed?

    I’m planning on launching a book on Amazon later this year. The best seller in my category has around 10 sales a day and should be easy to beat. I’m now just looking into how I can boost my sales on launch to become a bestseller. I’ve been thinking the following: 1) I use my own domain and gift...
  10. AlexTheGeek

    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales?

    I’m looking at gifting a Amazon KDP to mann different emails on my domain to increase sales for my book. Will this work or do I need to claim the gift from different IPs?
  11. L

    amazon book reviews needed

    i published a bodybuilding related ebook on amazon and many other platforms after a year since the launch, i feel like i missed an aspect in book marketing and that is.. reviews i am searching for a individual or a company who can help me acquire reviews for my book that would only look...
  12. E


  13. benj_pirate

    Amazon USA, UK, Spain, Latin America Reviews

    Hello all. I'm releasing new kindle and books on amazon and I plan to do so for the next few years to generate my income. I have seen that I needed to get verified reviews to rank and get some organics sales. The book will be priced at 0.99$ and you will have to buy it and then let me a review...
  14. umo98

    What is Bitcoin future?

    What is Bitcoin’s future? Of course, only time will tell if these predictions are accurate. However, some central banks are quite pessimistic about Bitcoin. Because if the situation keeps going like this, Bitcoin will become a threat to the central banks’ existence. For example, in Bazel...
  15. T

    Felt motivated today!

    Decided to write a small book today got a lot done. Now all I have to do is make a website on said book and get it out there to the people. This forum really keeps me motivated and to go after my goals and what I need to get done. The reason why I decided to write a book is because why not use...
  16. drin101

    whats a good book about IM

    is there any book regarding to internet marketing mostly, something that covers all the basic stuff
  17. Shubhankar Paranjape

    How to Sell Your Ebook if You Actually Want to Make Decent Money from It

    How to Sell Your Ebook if You Actually Want to Make Decent Money from It Source: Unknown Books/ebooks are how you get started as an infopreneur. Earlier, I used to think there were 3 main ways to get your words out there: land a book deal, self-publish a physical book, or self-publish an ebook...
  18. crissdinesh

    Suggest me 3 books to improve my writing skill

    Hi Everyone! After doing keywords research, it's taking almost 6 hours to complete a 1500 words article. I would like to improve my English writing skill. It will help me to speed up writing + providing innovative ideas on my blog in few hours. Please suggest me 3 books to read. I will choose...
  19. vempireguy

    Free books and comics desktop app

    Hello, I'm thinking in make a desktop app to read books and comics from the web. My plan is to download comics and books and upload them to a server a let the users select from the app what book or comics he/she want to read. The application will be free, so I'm thinking in put ads on the...
  20. A

    Looking for 5 Amazon Reviews - 5$ Reward Each

    I want kindle ebook reviews and will pay a reward of 5 USD for each review that posted and approved by Amazon, You do not have to think about what to write as I have the review written already, all you need just to post it and wait for Amazon to approve it then get the reward. That's all, I...
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