How would you create buzz around a new book?


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Nov 20, 2014
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I'm currently working on a book set to be released in October, and today I'm just sitting down to create some sort of marketing plan/outreach plan to create buzz around the book. I just wanted to know if anyone had any fancy tips or strategies they've tried before they would like to recommend?

This is my plan for now:
  • I write extensive, informative, evergreen articles for the biggest websites in my niche. I'm shamelessly placing a link to my landing page there and collecting emails
  • My content tends to go viral on Medium, so I have an excellent reputation in my niche and I know I already bring value. So I will play off on this
  • I want to reach out to key players in my industry to get on blogs, podcasts, videos, etc., but I'm having a hard time on how to approach this. Where do I start? With cold emailing?
  • I'm planning on bundling a free course with my video.
  • Giveaway
  • Continue to grow and market my IG and Twitter
  • Promote the book in different ways on Goodreads
I believe you can do some collaborations with the influencers from your niche, with some book businesses, some news sites. Some Paid Ads could do a job as well.
Can you provide more details about the type of book you're promoting ? you said you'll do videos course, so i guess it involves tutoring ?
1) Memes . .. Memes are powerful in 2022 .

2) Reddit - people are using reddit to actually inspire them for books now and then they become big stories b/c they share the same thing with the reddit subs and how they got inspired and it goes viral

3) Find influencers that deal with book reading groups . There's some really big ones. Ask if you can submit the book free for their opinion before release and if they like it, work out a deal

4) Gift it to regular influencers too

5) Do instagram reels / tik toks with people acting out parts of the book (OR JUST SPEAKING PASSIONATELY) and promote the book at end . Even YouTube Shorts
Memes, and you can also shoot something like a short film based on a book)
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