blue badge

  1. HeadOfSeo

    My 500 Post and Blue Again!

    Hi This is my 500 post and I am Blue again after a long time at BHW. Let's digging together with Paypal monky generator. Hope, I will be regular online at BHW now. Thanks
  2. SMMLeader1

    Verifying an Instagram Account

    How can i get my instagram verified? Any freelancers here who 's able to 100% verify the account? ** I cannot reply on your comments so its best to comment here and DM me please.
  3. R

    I need Facebook or Instagram Blue Tick

    I need someone to verify some Facebook pages for me and some Instagram Business Accounts
  4. N


    With real 500+ friends, female profile from Australia. Please message me. New here. Thanks :) Also can anyone point me in the direction of Instagram verification? I already have 70k real followers but can’t get verified. Thanks x
  5. Z

    How to do blue tick ( badge ) for profile

    Hi, Nowadays I realized that a lot of people in my country doing the blue tick for a profile, I know the methods that they are using but I dunno How to do it, I will keep updating this thread with the latest info about this guide until I completely realize how this shit is working & I will tell...
  6. RanQ Higher

    Woohoo, am in BLUE finally!

    This is really a good month for me ... so far I have got many positive signs! and finally, I reached my goal as mentioned in the @MisterF monthly goal thread:) I feel so responsible when I see Jr. VIP under my name... hope I will contribute my best to this forum! It's been a good journey for...
  7. Rosalíaa

    Instagram Blue Tick for 49$? Scam or not?

    Hey, i see some smm panels selling Verification Blue Badge (Blue Tick) for Instagram. Some panels want 49$-1000$ for this. Is this Scam or not? Have any of you ever try it?
  8. Kingking12a

    Instagram Verified ? anyone recommend a trustworthy person?

    Instagram Verified ? Any suggest or anyone recommend a trustworthy person? Please
  9. R

    Hello From Brazil !

    Hello ! I'm Rachel from Brazil, I work with digital medias. My target job is to get my clients verified on platforms as IG, FB and twitter. I'm here to learn about other opportunities with you and feel free to reach me if you need my services :)
  10. akshay_saini

    I am now Jr. VIP

    Hi, So good to see Blue badge on my profile :) I registered on BHW in Aug 2019, but more active/interacting on Forum since last month and I have found that the information is endless. Everyone is so willing to help and share knowledge/experience. Thanks to all. Happy to Join the blue badge team...
  11. S

    Instagram Blue Tick

    Who can help me to get the blue badge for my instagram profile ? Payment is flexible. Thank you
  12. Sergeylovinch

    Social Media Blue Tick, Blue Tick, and Blue Tick (Shaking My Head)

    Been trying and researching for 2 solid years for the service that really does provide IG blue tick mark. As per my check - research, I found out that the requirements are: 1. High Authority Media Coverage Articles (8-10) 2. Wikipedia Page 3. Media Partner to Submit The Application I know...
  13. T

    Looking for news articles of notable interest for Blue Badge Verification

    Hi there, I have a decent sized audience on Instagram (125,000+) and a few news pieces on me already, but I'm looking for someone who can help me get up to 10 additional news articles about me/my photos and work on notable news sites that also show up on Google news when you search for me as per...
  14. Q

    Instagram blue badge verification

    Anyone know what is criteria to get Instagram blue badge verification? I manage musicians with 95k followers but still cant get blue badge verification, so we think that there is catch somewhere!!!
  15. R1ckS4nch3z

    How to get blue badge for non-public figure profiles?

    i see many shitty profiles have verifications even some has no post or even followers??? Is there any other way than requesting it through application?
  16. P

    Buy news articles for google news

    I'm in the process of checking my instagram account to get the blue badge, I need 7 articles talking about my life and my photos, and that these articles are found in the google news section. Anyone here sell this service or could you help me get that?
  17. frennyme

    Twitter blue tag

    Hi there, I need a blue tag for Twitter. Can anyone here provide that? The only way to work together is that we do a testing first, if it goes well, we go on with serous orders (I’ve got a lot of clients wantintg it). If you are serious and can deliver, get in touch. Also, if you have other...
  18. F

    Facebook Fan Page Blue Check

    Hello friends: I need to learn how to verify fan pages with blue badge. I´m looking for a real good working method. I can pay by Paypal. Thanks!

    facebook blue verified badge

    anyone know how can we get "blue verified badge" on facebook page for website? im newbie here...
  20. tr3bla915

    Facebook Blue Badge?

    As the title says I am looking to get a Facebook Blue Badge. I've seen someone here in the past who was offering this service. Has anyone figured out a way to get verified or anyone here who can get me verified for a price?