1. R

    A Quick Question For Freelance Writers And Content Creators

    As an aspiring freelance writer, I seek advice from active freelancers on their approach to getting writing gigs. Writing is my only skill, and I've been exhausted looking for freelance work for the past few months, I've spent a lot of time sending out proposals but to no avail. Despite...
  2. Md Masudul Hasan

    masudbcl. Bangladeshi Bangla Blogger.

    Hi there Have a wonderful day. Hope you are all well. I am a Bangladeshi Bangla Blogger and working with Bangla Blog and Google adsense for the last 2 years. But there have not any huge earning. Though I was not giving huge time with Bangla Blogging but its only 24$+ now. Bangla content reach...
  3. agronomi

    Would you pay for this email marketing improvement?

    Hello everybody, my question is if you would pay for a tool that generates informational newsletters from your blog posts. And is this something that will probably be an improvement?
  4. O

    How Do I Do Full Advanced SEO Configuration for A WordPress Site

    BHW is the best forum I have ever been to. And I believe that SEO experts here will help me to shed very bright light to this issue: I have been talking to a lot of SEO gurus for SEO full configuration for a Wordpress site but I cannot afford their bills. Please, I will like if gurus here...
  5. Shubham Butola

    Google Adsense approval?

    Can anybody can review my site why it is getting disapproved by google adsense. Please suggest me the faults in my site so that I can fix them and get aprooval.
  6. Shubham Butola

    Hii to everyone

    Hii this is Shubham Butola I'am a SEO person I have joined this forum to connect with other SEO persons and bloggers.
  7. R

    Expired website, advise please.

    Two years ago, I started a website on parenting niche on wix platform. I posted 12 articles knowing nothing about seo. No backlinks nothing at all. And I was getting like 40 yo 80 monthly organic views. I don't like wix so when my domain and hosting expired, I dint renew it. Should I start it...
  8. Q

    Remote upload

    Does anyone know of a remote upload free plugin for wordpress please?
  9. Chiku Arsen

    Bloggers, Can you please help me how to start blogging

    Hey Blackhatties, I have been thinking of blogging for quite a time now but don't know actually where to start from. I don't have any knowledge of SEO or Wordpress or anything what so ever. All I want is to invest my free time writing some blogs which may help people reading out there somehow...
  10. F

    influencers platform

    Hi All, Few weeks ago i saw a post regarding a influencers platform i think the owner or admin of the forum had posted. cant find the post can anyone remember the location of the post. this would be useful for my personal new clothing website. Thanks Abz
  11. H

    Looking for tips and advices...

    Hi everyone, Greetings! I'm Harold Bacon from Philippines. I'm an entrepreneur and looking forward in opening my online store soon. At the moment, I'm wondering where could I find people(bloggers, forum posting, Instagram users, etc.) who could help me run my business or rather help me sell...
  12. H

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, Greetings! It's nice to see you here on this forum. I'm Harold from the beautiful islands of Philippines. I'm joining this forum to see if anyone could give me any tips on how can I find bloggers to help me with my online store. Any forums you can suggest, or any other way? Thank...
  13. D

    Need Affiliate Network Websites

    Hi Guys, I am running a hosting company. We recently launched our affiliate program and now we need the websites where we can list our affiliate program. Please share the websites where i can list my affiliate program and bloggers or advertisers can sign up.
  14. Lord surh

    Blogger Outreach Tool?

    Hi people, anyone knows a tool or any easy technique to track my blogger's outreach program. When articles are sent to bloggers, need to search the topic on Google and Bing to know those who posted and get their DA and PA each for easy documentations. Meanwhile, we work with loads of bloggers...
  15. Victorblaze5

    How to get more Twitter followers for free

    Retweet and like tweets of celebrity's and pple who have gat millions of followers. Den wait and c d magic.
  16. F

    Best way to find websites that are not in english

    Hi, I was wondering is there a way of finding a list of blog websites that are not in english? Thanks Abz
  17. Abhi Abhi

    How Can We Promote Our Blog?

    Hi , i'm Abhi Newbie here but i'm in internet field from long time so let's think about how to promote our blog so that we can attract only Humans? if i do not want to rank my blog website to search engines just want to make it famous like we do with our facebook pages/groups instagram profiles...
  18. B

    Build Blogging site using Bloggers Lite

    Hello, There are many ways to showcase our ideas, I would like to share one Blogging free WordPress Theme with you which is really an amazing which is Bloggers Lite. Check here: Blogger Lite is specially designed for geeky...
  19. D

    Giving Away List of 390 Blogger Email Addresses

    Hey everyone! I'm a programmer that specializes in Data Mining and extraction, I get paid to generate leads lists based on various criteria (specific forums, targeted interests, etc..). Anyway, as a gift to the community, I'm giving away a list of 390 blogger email addresses harvested via the...
  20. S

    Best way to deal with a douche blogger

    Hello, I'm dealing with a blogger who grabbed hold of what I was doing midway through a public project and portrayed it in the worst light. Well of course if you take snapshots of a story you can paint them out to be pretty horrible. What's the best way to deal with this situation?
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