1. G


    Hi guys, if 90 percent of a blog’s backlinks is from sites like, would it look spammy to google?
  2. R

    can I make pbn on

    can I make pbn on
  3. R

    How wordpress is better than blogger in term of seo?

    As I can do same on page seo to my post on blogger which seo plugins help me to do on page on wordpress so why wordpress is better?
  4. R

    Which is better or

    I am using for past 6 months and I've learned SEO well and posting some awesome posts with full on and off page SEO and even keywords I am choosing also have less competition but I am not ranking well. SEO experts are saying that you are doing all great except that you should use...
  5. A

    Is it easier to rank your article on or your own new website?

    Hi everyone, I wonder if it's easier trying to rank your posts on web with high Domain authority like e.g., than your own (new) website? Because I only want to post 4-5 articles with affiliate links for my chosen niche and that's why I feel there is no reason to buy new...
  6. fakinureho

    Is it really Possible To Rank a Blog Without Costing a Penny?

    I don't Know If This is a Frantic Question But I want To know If there's a Slightest of possibilities to rank a Blog without using premium SEO service Or Costing Nothing? What I have= Really Low Competition Keyword, Harvested From AdWords Keyword Planner. Optimizing Content & Regularly Using...