1. deedee1whoa

    What do you think, when will Google close

    We've seen some services like social network Google+ getting shut down after 11 years of being live. Blogger was launched in 1999, been up for 22 years now. Direct competition to Wordpress. Seen some of you comment how it's only a matter of time when Google pulls the plug on it. In your...
  2. G


    Hi guys, if 90 percent of a blog’s backlinks is from sites like, would it look spammy to google?
  3. R

    can I make pbn on

    can I make pbn on
  4. R

    How wordpress is better than blogger in term of seo?

    As I can do same on page seo to my post on blogger which seo plugins help me to do on page on wordpress so why wordpress is better?
  5. R

    Which is better or

    I am using for past 6 months and I've learned SEO well and posting some awesome posts with full on and off page SEO and even keywords I am choosing also have less competition but I am not ranking well. SEO experts are saying that you are doing all great except that you should use...
  6. A

    Is it easier to rank your article on or your own new website?

    Hi everyone, I wonder if it's easier trying to rank your posts on web with high Domain authority like e.g., than your own (new) website? Because I only want to post 4-5 articles with affiliate links for my chosen niche and that's why I feel there is no reason to buy new...
  7. fakinureho

    Is it really Possible To Rank a Blog Without Costing a Penny?

    I don't Know If This is a Frantic Question But I want To know If there's a Slightest of possibilities to rank a Blog without using premium SEO service Or Costing Nothing? What I have= Really Low Competition Keyword, Harvested From AdWords Keyword Planner. Optimizing Content & Regularly Using...
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