blogger to wordpress

  1. Purush

    [Guide] How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress - Updated and 100% working.

    Migrating from Blogger to WordPress In the initial stages. I built a website from Blogger as an experiment. And to understand all the things about creating websites freely. Suddenly, After two years my blogger has Increased in some way and is catching up with the Visitors. without knowing...
  2. azguru

    How do i switch a domain name from Blogger to Wordpress?

    I have a blog i want to move from Blogger to wordpress. The blogger blog already has a custom domain name. How do i take it off and then add it to Wordpress?
  3. M

    Google indexing new wordpress posts to old blogger address

    Hey everyone. I used to blog in blogger, but moved to Wordpress in the beginning of the year. Lately - every time I post a new entry it is indexed by Google using the old blogger URL. The old blog still exists but nothing has been posted there in months, and the old url redirects to my new...
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