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  1. MKorkut

    I'm going to receive content with the RSS feed automatically blogger?

    Is there a method of getting it content with rss and automatically want to share it with the blogger?
  2. Amer Alkathiri

    Blogger Host

    Is it OK to use Blogger host or Google host for affiliate marketing with my own domain?
  3. P

    Help me- Can i start an adult niche on blogger platform?

    Hey wanna start a niche "Adult niche" 1 of my financial targets this year. ×I have $0 to buy paid host or domain. √ already have a source where I"ll get all videos and picture. √ Am really to start now. The big question I can't answer my self. Will google allow me host an adult niche blog on...
  4. F

    Best way to find websites that are not in english

    Hi, I was wondering is there a way of finding a list of blog websites that are not in english? Thanks Abz
  5. P

    Is Blogspot Site Hard To Rank?

    I want to create a niche site i have a domain also but i don't have money to buy hosting that's why i want to start with blogger redirecting to my dot com domain. Is blogger site hard to rank?
  6. E

    How To Remove Blogspot Blog (Powered By Blogger ) Footer?

    We Know That Blogspot Blog Sponsored By Blogger. So They Used Powered By Blogger Footer In Every Blogspot Blog Footer Automatically . Do You Want To Remove This Powered By Blogger Footer ? If Yes - Let's Discuss How To Remove It . Step 1 : Login To Your Blog . Step 2 : Then Click Template >>...
  7. Snail White Cream

    *****How do I make $2000 monthly Online Income? *****

    Hi Mates :) I have just created a new website on Beauty Niche. I am looking to make $2000 income profit per month. Obviously, I want to sell the physical Beauty Products online and Do you think that Beauty niche is a good way to make $2000 monthly income. Please share your ideas:o Thanks...
  8. C

    Ways You Can Succeed At Blogger And Make Money

    I see a lot of people try to make money using the free blogging platform known as Blogger or Blog Spot and I see quite a few get mad at the results they get and quit. Well I make quite a bit ( No I won't say how much or give out my web sites ) but I want to write this article and give everyone...
  9. L

    Help customizing blogger blog

    Hi guy please I really need your help.I created a blogger blog and emended some you tube videos on it with after jump summary (Read more).I try to lock the videos with content locking from *******.But the problem is instead of locking the video,it lock the page and even my home page is not...
  10. T

    Does Anyone Use Artisteer?

    I was just curious if anyone here at BHW use the Artisteer software? It can be used for Blogger Joomla Wordpress Drupal Html etc. I have used it for a few of my sites. Pretty straight forward. Just curious if their are any other users.
  11. blackma

    Does Google give a shit when people steal your home made content?

    I have a review blogger blog that provides reviews for certain products. I recorded these in my home and they were altogether very well produced and I have made about a hundred in the last year or so. Now some punk has come and ripped all my videos and made his own blog. Should I report...
  12. nonchessguy

    Blogger legacy accounts...get off yer arse! TICK-TOCK

    Hi All, Quick FYI in case you didn't know, (sorry if it's old news); I don't post much and only skulk about from time to time...a bit busy these days. Anyway, back to the quick FYI that ended up taking a little bit of a :offtopic: "GET ON WITH IT!" oh...sorry... Anyway, if you have old...
  13. A

    Fast indexings myth?

    Hi guy's Newbie I was when I start learning the hard way of the internet and been scam all the way until i have actually stumble upon the real world of internet marketing here in valckhatworld where I began learninf from basic I knew some of it but not all but I did find it here. Thanks for...
  14. R

    Which is The best Blogging platform to Start With ?

    hello everyone , i was just thinking about which is the best Blogging platform You can start your business With. 1. Wordpress (The Coolest And Well known on the Web) 2. Blogger (good for adsense) 3. ( great Themes) anything else you recommend ?
  15. ch8878

    Has anyone had success with an .info on a blogger blog ?

    I found a blogger blog while looking on blogger and it was a .info and ranked #1 for a keyword with 1,000,000 searches it had great alexa rank, and yahoo rank has anyone tyred it before I am going to try to see what happens since .info are so cheap under a $1 for a year to see what happens.
  16. plex_brahial

    Blogger blogs beats the .com sites on short terms!

    I know a lot of people are going to say that this isn`t true but i`ve seen it a lot of times and the site i found today ranked 7th for a 5.500 searches a day keyword in competitive niche: how to earn money. This is not just an isolated case i have seen blogger blogs ranked first on googl on...
  17. jdanswers

    Move A Blogger Blog To Self-Hosted Wordpress

    I need someone to walk me through moving one Blogger blog to self-hosted Wordpress without losing current traffic and search engine juice. This includes changing post titles and knowing the best plug-ins for SEO and content creation/rewriting/autoblogging. I need to learn how to do this for...
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