blogger autoblog

  1. limatigaku13

    [ASK] how much index for goal good result visitor? inclunding url and image

    Hello BHW members, Can I know how much available url index and image index on search engine needed for having good traffic ? (google/bing) For info my question,I just make new auto blog,and I got 600 index at 3days. And that's normal? Thankyou, I hope got some help answer from here, Regards.
  2. jem001

    looking for blogger autoposter

    hello, ive been trying to figure out how to post full articles from other sites to my blogspot blog. I found an service but it only posts the title and intro of the post about one to two sentences of the article and the source site. Does anyone have another method that posts the full article to...
  3. S

    Need Advice on Generating traffic on my websites

    Hello there, I bought 20 automated websites from flippa. All the contents on the sites are copied from somewhere or youtube. I have setup ads and all. Now the question to me is where to start and how to start. I have setup facebook pages for them. Should I go paid promotion? Or any other approach?
  4. arundamo

    Automatic Video Blogging (Autoblog)

    Hi, I have posted the below in other category and realized i can share it here as well I would like to share the idea that I have successfully implemented and would like your suggestion to improve it and monetize it. Idea: Automatic video blogging (Blogspot + Youtube) Tools Used...
  5. A

    article spinner ? ? ?

    does anyone have article spinner or some sort of same software ? if yes then plz help me out
  6. N

    Blogspot Autoposting

    Hi I have a lot of articles and wish to post them on blogger blog. Any way to auto post the articles from text or html file to blogger without manual copy paste? Thank you! :)
  7. ch8878

    Has anyone had success with an .info on a blogger blog ?

    I found a blogger blog while looking on blogger and it was a .info and ranked #1 for a keyword with 1,000,000 searches it had great alexa rank, and yahoo rank has anyone tyred it before I am going to try to see what happens since .info are so cheap under a $1 for a year to see what happens.
  8. ch8878

    Need Blogger Auto Blog Software

    Does anyone have a software that can grab niche articles and submit to blogger blogs ?
  9. ch8878

    Is there a software know that can auto post on blogger ?

    I want to know were I can get a software not a script that can auto blog on blogger ?
  10. P

    :: autoblog :: free hosting + free domain + wordpress vs blogger

    Hello all, I had been with a question in mind about autoblog. Please tell me your thougths. In one side I've an option of free hosting + free domain and create 100-300 blogs using wordpress. In the other side 100-300 blogs in blogger. So, what's the best option? Is it blogspot better for...
  11. agent_mango

    How to Promote A Blogger Autoblog?

    I have successfully made a blogger autoblog. Its on experiment though. The question is, how do I promote this one? Is linking G analytics to my autoblog safe? And by BTW this autoblog got semi dup contents. I submitted the autoblog posts on digg and propeller also on reddit and even...
  12. kaidoristm

    [GET] Power Blogger (autoblogging on blogger)

  13. ch8878

    Semi Auto Blog on

    This is what I do when I set a auto blog on blogger call it semi auto because takes a little work so here we go pick a template. Then add a title and description, also on settings the basic section put every thing on yes but not quick editing, and adult content unless its an adult site...
  14. S

    Setting Up Simple Blogger Autoblog

    Advantage of using for blogger- 1.Their Simplicity 2.Platform is completely free There are two important things for setting up Blogger Autoblog posting address See How to creat email posting address 2.Automated feeding of the blog Visit...
  15. L

    Who has a link for bloggerposter*co*cc Automated Blogger Poster?

    Who has a link for bloggerposter*co*cc Automated Blogger Poster? Hi a newbie here at the Black Hat SEO I want to know who has a link for this just take away * and ad . Thanks!
  16. kaidoristm

    My way to your first blogspot autoblog.

    Ok lets make it quick and clear. You will need- 1.Hosting for feedscraper script (made by blackhatworld member d3c3p710n thank him for that) you can get it from ofcourse you can run it from your own computer by using something like xampp. (i...
  17. solidsnake

    Question about blogger autoblog

    I set-up everything, add feeds in "feedmyinbox", verified the messages but until now I am not getting any new posts... It's been around 8 hours. I added around 30 feeds and I think it's impossible that none of those active blogs updates their blogs? I selected onlyy blogs that have active posts...
  18. X

    How Do You Automate Blogger ?

    I looked around the forums,and I can't find how to set up a blogger autoblog.Can somebody tell me how to do it on blogger step by step?I've been looking all over the web...Thanks
  19. agent_mango

    Any updates on blogger autoblog?

    yes we can create a autoblog on blogger but the problem here is getting unique content. Any way to fix this? any plugin? or whatever?
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