1. I

    List Of Blog Network Services

    Post missing networks/info and share your good & bad blog-network experiences. (List is unsorted) High PR Society / 1000 credits = 25$ Urldisclosure: 1 Links permanent: all but HP links Spun content allowed: 1 Build My Rank/ 1 link per 150 words...
  2. uworkspain

    How to Dominate a Local Search Market (History based in 5000 domain names)

    The real title for this post was: I NEED YOU! FOR DOMINATING THE LOCAL SEARCHES IN A LANGUAGE, BASED ON A BIG BLOGFARM OF MORE THAN 5,000 DOMAIN NAMES! (but it's very long :P) Hello! A long time had past since the first day I've found this forum. I've learnt and enjoyed so many posts. And...
  3. U

    Got a blogfarm running - tips for traffic increase?

    Hi, I have ~2-3 WPMU installations running on some free webhosts (000webhost f.ex) and have created a simple tool for one-click creation of new blogs on theese WPMU installations. (and have 60ish running as we speak) I have also created a system that syndicates hundres of feeds from...
  4. J

    Blogger blogs

    Hi, I saw one guy who made quite big blogfarm on blogger blogs- about 100 (all with adsense). All in first page of google for quite competive keywords. All blogs have at max 3 posts, so I am thinking doing something like that too in my niche. Like each product= blog, but all linked in each...
  5. dangsquall

    Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal website creation with unique content/ Blogfarm creation

    Hi BHWers, As someone else is offering the same service with quite high price, I'll give you guys an offer you can't refuse :D I will make Wordpress blogs or Joomla/Drupal websites with unique content in 3 packages below: - 10 unique articles: $45 - 20 unique articles: $70 - 30 unique...
  6. N0H4T

    HELP Blog Agriculture Experts!!!. Found Provider - 16IPs circa 20USD have questions?

    Hello All, I'm thinking of doing a stint as a gentleman farmer and I'm a total Noob (might buy myself a landrover and matching green wellington boots as well), please help me U gurus out there. I found a provider that offers 16ips: H++p:// shared reseller plan...
  7. C

    Blogslammer - any suggests?

    As many ppl here told me, it would be that great, i bought blogslammer for setting up blogfarms. maybe i am using it only the wrong way or am too dumb or something but i dont understand which value blogslammer actually adds. of course i can register 100 blogs in 1-2 days automatically.. but...
  8. spook

    Need Help

    Hi All, this is my first post on the forum, as i am new here, and first of all i just want to say that this forum rocks!!!! Ok, down to business. I have roughly 200 domain names and i want to create a blogfarm if thats the right word to use, but basically, what i want to do is have people pay...
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