Got a blogfarm running - tips for traffic increase?


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May 4, 2009
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I have ~2-3 WPMU installations running on some free webhosts (000webhost f.ex) and have created a simple tool for one-click creation of new blogs on theese WPMU installations. (and have 60ish running as we speak)

I have also created a system that syndicates hundres of feeds from sources around the world, and simply creates a new post within a keyword containing the introtext for the indexed article, and a link back to the original source.

But i am looking for some ideas on how to increase the traffic.

Should i:
-interlink all blogs
-comment more on other blogs
-use twitter more active

I use a bit of all above now.


any good ideas/suggestions out there? :)
Interlinkikng the blogs will help a bit, supplying their all in the same kind of niche, as well as submiting sitemaps to Google etc. Auto blogs/Blog farms rely on traffic from search websites, not Twitter etc.
All blogs are in different niches, so interlinking based on same niches is a bit hard.

When it comes to sitemaps, those are already well placed @ Google etc. :)

But yes, it looks to me too that search traffic is the most effective, so guess i should find some more effective ways to get more pages indexed at big G.
Use a LinkWheel to throw some Web 2.0 traffic in there. You'd be amazed how much it helps. I've sent a few websites from 70+ to top 10 in the last week.
Thanks for the suggestion, will check it up :)
I would never ever interlink my sites. Stay away, many people here already reported having had bad results. I have no proof as people for most G activities do not have, but some smaller experiments gave me some hints.
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