HELP Blog Agriculture Experts!!!. Found Provider - 16IPs circa 20USD have questions?


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Sep 14, 2008
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Hello All,

I'm thinking of doing a stint as a gentleman farmer and I'm a total Noob (might buy myself a landrover and matching green wellington boots as well), please help me U gurus out there.

I found a provider that offers 16ips:


shared reseller plan

Unlimited Domains Unlimited Data Transfer Unlimited Web Space 3 Free Domain Regs 16 Dedicated Ips

3 month billing cycle only @ circa 19 USD + one time 30 USD setup.

Does anyone know if this would be workable and if this is a good deal?

Would you get a few hosters like ix and do the subfolder thing on the different IPs? (I don't know if you could get control of DNS in these shared reseller plans....anyone heard of this? If so I would do subdomains instead of sub folders... am I talking rubbish?)

or would you do it like my 2nd option:

Get a VPS (dedicated is out of my price range) + a whole heap of IPs, set ups DNS and mix and match domain names- subdomains and IPs, like blogging master (again out of my reach @ 2K + 250 per month), install wordpress, collect the necessary plugins- auto posters, rss aggregators etc (recommendations anyone?), then get hold of some multi blog admin script ... (any recommendations here as well)?

Please could someone explain 2 me about IP Blocks, IP address classes is clear 2 me, I also understand about networks and hosts and the relation between this all and the ip classes, but what is meant by IP "C" blocks, I don't follow this.

I look forward 2 hearing from all U proponents of internet agriculture out there, many thanks in advance.

Beast Regards,


AKA Dave.

I am a noob also, but I have been working on the same thing, and have (or had) a lot of the same questions. BHW is a godsend! I have found out much and learned from the generosity of all here.

Using the search feature on here is the BEST thing you can learn to do. Use the 'advanced' tab and try 'relevancy' and 'show posts' instead of 'show threads'.

I will try to answer a few of your questions, one at a time.

Class 'C' IP's:

Definite SEO success with Multiple C Class IP hosting​

Hello readers,
I haven?t really contributed anything concrete to this community till now so thought of sharing this valuable little SEO trick with you webmasters. Just to make it clear in the beginning, this trick isn?t really meant for the newbies with $200 in PayPal who call themselves SEO specialists and web entrepreneurs. This trick is only meant for the larger players who are really serious about ranking for keywords and beating their competition.

The reason why I said this isn?t suitable for newbie webmasters is because this requires A LOT of patience and hard work. You won?t be seeing instant results and hence it might start discouraging you. Experienced players of the SEO industry know how everything functions and that patience is the best virtue hence they?ll wait and keep working till they finally start seeing some results. Trust me, if you?ve got the patience and determination to hang on, there?s really no other SEO technique that can show you results as surely as this can. Multiple C Class IP hosting is one technique that is a 100% worker! There is no scope for failure here and hence it is preferred by webmasters all over the world.

Now enough of beating around the bush, I?ll just get to the explaining the main technique:

What are Multiple C Class IPs, what is the whole concept behind these?

Each IP is divided into 4 parts demarcated by dots (?.?):

The CCC comprises the C Class of the IP.
For example, if the IP address is:, 118 would be the C Class.

Earlier, web masters used to create websites and blogs just for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization of their primary website. What they did was, they would create a blog, post a few keyword rich articles on it and post backlinks to their primary website all over these blogs. These would really get them some high search engine trust and make the primary website rank for highly competitive keywords!
Google discovered this and got sick of it, BlackHat SEO artists were all over the place spamming the internet with these dummy blogs and websites for the sole purpose of S.E.O. To get rid of this problem once and for all, Google?s spam filters were updated to not value links from websites hosted on an IP in the same C Class as the primary website!
That?s right, now these webmasters had one BIG problem staring them in the eye:

?Where the hell would they get IPs from different Class C IPs from? ?​

If they wanted to buy IPs from their datacenter, they?d have to purchase whole blocks of 256 IPs for each C Class, but there would be ONE more problem:
To get these IPs, they?d have to give some sort of justification to ARIN, SEO is not considered a valid reason!
So, getting these IPs from the datacenter where their servers were hosted was out of question, one possibility would be getting hosting accounts from many different web hosting providers across the globe, however, this would become too complicated and difficult to manage and also expensive since monthly payments to each of these hosts would have to be kept in mind, each website would have a separate control panel and hence all these websites couldn?t be managed from a single place and also, the whole process becomes a bit too expensive since you?d be spending nearly $10-20 per month on each host.

Now when everyone was racking their heads and pulling out their hair to look for a viable situation, SEO hosting companies like, and sprang up. These companies were like lifelines to these webmasters who were on the verge of killing themselves for not being able to figure out a way to beat the Google Spam Filters.

What do these SEO hosting companies do?​

Well, instead of us having to buy packs of 256 IPs for each C Class, these SEO hosting companies purchase huge amounts of IPs giving some stupid reason for justifying the necessity of these IP blocks to ARIN. After getting hold of these massive amounts of IPs from various C Classes, they just sell them out to webmasters like me and you. Hence you get a dedicated IP from a different C Class for each of your websites/blogs. You can now go BIG with SEO for your primary site with these blogs and websites.

I?m a total newbie, I want to learn about this method.​

Alright, relax. I?ll teach you. Let?s go through this whole process step-by-step so you understand better.

Since you?re a beginner, let?s start off with 5 different blogs. Don?t chew more than you can eat, so keep it small but keep it SURE!


For these 5 blogs, register 5 different domains. Some tips on choosing these domains:

  • Prefer getting hold of older domains since they have higher trust rank and can rank easily in search engines as compared to the newly registered ones. You can purchase old domains off or from users on webmaster forums.
  • Try picking a domain with a keyword in the name
  • Make sure the name is relevant to the niche of the blog
  • Prefer .com domains over other extensions. Avoid .info domains at all costs.


  • Sign up at a Multiple C Class IP hosting provider?s website. Some recommended providers are:
  • (A company, quite well reputed)
  • (The cheapest available, pretty reliable too)

[*]Let us assume you chose, the cheapskates that you are, you?ll obviously go in for the cheapest option. Buy the 5 C Class IP package for $20/month. Now create accounts for each of the domains on each of these 5 IPs.

  • Install WordPress blogs on each of these domains. You can use any blogging software however I?d recommend WordPress.
  • Create Banners for each blog, you can hire a professional to do it. You can get cheap designers for $10/banner.
  • Optimize the blogs by adding tags etc. Use all the easy SEO techniques you know.
  • Build a few links for each of these blogs. You can outsource this job to some company like Spend about $30 per blog for directory submissions, blog commenting and similar techniques.

Once your blogs are all ready for a launch, it is time to actually start feeding them with quality content and articles.
  • Post 2 keyword-rich articles each week on each of these blogs.
  • Each article should be about 400 words long.
  • Keyword density should be around 2-4% which means your keyword should appear about 8-16 times in the article.
  • Keep your keywords evenly spaced out throughout the article.
  • You can hire a professional content writer to write up your articles. Most content writers charge about $15/article.
  • Hyperlink the keywords in the articles with the URL to your primary website.
  • Push in backlinks to your primary website wherever you can but just don?t make it look spammy.
  • Submit each of these articles to Social Bookmarking websites such as propeller and You can easily expect about 50-60 visitors a day on these blogs from Social Bookmarking websites.

Once all this is done, your Search Engine rankings will slowly and steadily start improving and by the end of 3 months, you would be ranking even for some competitive keywords! The potential with this technique is immense, you should just be willing to work hard enough, be patient enough and shell out enough money for this to work.
If the job is done right, there is no chance of failure!

You will be getting some decent traffic on these blogs and also some nice PR and Search Engine rankings. So why not monetize all this traffic and SE ranking to gain some extra cash.
  • You can put up Adsense ads to monetize your incoming traffic.
  • You can sell text links and Blog Posts on webmaster forums(like this one) to other members who own websites in the same niche since their backlinks on your website would do them good.

All I can now say is BEST OF LUCK, get back to me if you face any kind of difficulty using this technique. I?m quite a friendly and helpful dude, you know?

Recommended Multiple C Class Hosting providers: (Highly reputed since it is a enterprise), Reliable, Highly recommended by me) (Too expensive)
As for products, my plan I will use: BlogSlammer (both editions) and for the management I am using ($20/month). Check out the BlogSlammer info, with wordpressmassinstaller it is a great way to get things rolling. Also, learn about WordPress MU.

New Pricing And Server Edition Availability

I am launching the newest version of BlogSlammer! today. While I wait on my thread approval I am posting information here on this new version.

It's a server based solution that REGENERATES RSS feeds for you to PULL into your Wordpress Blogs.

It's a simple application that resides on your ASP.Net 2.0 web hosting that will give you a new url to pull in to your blogs. This url generates a NEW feed based on selected templates, seeds, and original feeds. Consider the following feeds:

These feeds were created with a single seed document, ebay rss feed, and template. Your template determines how your rss items display. These are sample feeds and are not as powerful as the server edition feeds.

The server edition feeds allow you to select template/seed document(s) by entering querystring paramaters after your rss url. You can select one to many seeds and templates for each regenerated rss feed. This will allow BlogSlammer! to select one randomly of the list of selected templates and seed articles making each rss item look completely different both by content and design.

Watch the demo videos at to see the power of this tool.

I am offering this to BHW members for a low introductory price. This price will go up and will be reflected in the BHW sales page on my site shown below. Please refer to that for current pricing.

Difference between versions
  • Auto Posts To Your Blogs
  • Wordpress Blog Farm Generator
  • Post By Keyword or RSS Feed
  • Create Thousands of One Way Links
  • State of the art Content Generator
  • Regenerates RSS Feeds
  • Ability to select Many Seeds for Each RSS Item
  • Ability to select Many Templates for Each RSS Item
  • Build Self Growing Blogs
  • State of the art Content Generator

Why Buy Both?

The answer is simple. They are different tools. One will allow you to create self growing blogs using free wordpress plugins to pull them in. The other (Window's Version) will post to thousands of your blogs with a click of a button. And thus give you the ability to acquire links to your self growing blogs.

The strategy for use is simple. Create some self growing blogs with your affiliate offers. Then use the Window's version to create some free blog hosting accounts or use your own hosts to post deep links to your self growing sites.

This is done by posting by RSS feed with the Wordpress feed of your self growing blogs.

Server Edition Hosting Requirements

We recommend you use Godaddy as your initial host of the server edition. The reason is that this is the only host that we certified to work with the server edition. The security settings are perfect there.

Basically you need the following hosting:

  • Windows Hosting
  • ASP .Net 2.0 Hosting
  • Access File Database Support
  • Medium Security Settings
  • Must Be Able To Make External Network Requests

If you buy the "We Install" package, be sure you can give us full access to your hosting control panel. In Godaddy's case, you must give us account login info. So if you use GoDaddy, be sure to create a BRAND NEW GoDaddy account so that we only have access to this hosting.

Pricing and Ordering

(Introductory Pricing - Will Change - Refer to link below for current pricing)

Server Edition Only (you install): $137.00
Server Edition Only (we install): $187.00
Server and Windows Version (you install): $197.00
Server and Windows Version (we install): $237.00 *best deal*
Window's Version Only: $77.00

To order go to
Hi Guyz,

Thanks 4 the blazing quick replies, that was great and things are a bit clearer now! I- Dumbo that I am, now have the proverbial fishing rod and not just a fish...Thx again. I'll check out the resources and check the previous posts first before I post in future.

Greetings...and May the force be with you!

Thanks mikemclean you've saved me a TON of work referencing those posts. I have just bought Blogslammer server Ed, so I'll see what I can cook up soon.
I'd be interested to see how you make out with ixwebhosting, their packages look interesting, and I'd be prepared to take a package for 3 months to try them out but they don't take paypal, I'm very wary of giving hosting companies my card number....

Also their site seems very slow, which may be their hosting... and they mix ssl and non-sll content which is a little unprofessional. Also I get timeouts and 'unreachable' if I try to trace their IP.... could be my crappy ISP but I don't have any problems tracing my dedicated boxes.
this is a good thread, some nice info.
@ Script kiddy as well.

I decided to go for "indianets" see referred post from mikecclean originally by viratshah.

this viratshah recommends seo-hosts and claims that they are the cheapest, but I think he is associated to them in some way.
Indianets is actually cheaper go to there site and check out their seo.php page (no porn though :-( )!!!

Cheaper is not always the best, but I'm just starting out so I will use them. They charge as follows:

shared IPs

5 x IPS 10USD
10 x IPs 15USD
15 x IPs 20USD
20 x IPs 25USD

Unique IPS:

5 x IPS 27USD .... Damn the barstewards have raised their prices since last week I think !!!!!!
10 x IPS 50USD
20 x IPS 90USD
up to 40 Uniques.

Well they still have the best shared+unique prices and I was going to go for shared anyway for my splogs. So I will use "Webair"*c0m for my moneymaking sites using their shared hosting + unique IPs @ 2.50USD each (I think) and they DO allow Porn!!!

Best Regards,

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