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  1. D

    Reddit for clickbank

    currently in the process of getting an automated reddit bot for DM and comments and upvoting etc. I have the option of being able to create accounts and use these accounts for DM and comments, or buy aged accounts and DM spam and comment spam with them. It would obviously seem more organic and...
  2. pepekobasa

    Got a free domain! Please help me with niche selection hehe!

    So I had a free domain from hostarmada since they have free domain and free moving of sites. So guys, what niche do you think is good that will bring money to my bank account. What on my mind is: - Cycling (since I am biking around my country) - Household cleaning (Basic knowledge that everyone...
  3. M

    [NEED HELP] Keywords Have Low Search Volume, Profitable?

    Hello BHW-ers! Months ago, I purchased a domain and hosting. It's about a couple of guides and roadmaps to fellow online workers and self-employed people, to state to you a general overview of what it is. Now, while I was doing keyword research, I noticed that almost all my seed keywords...
  4. D

    Need help with improving Google page speed

    I am trying to improve my google page speed score for website mobile version and desktop. The current score for the mobile version is 23 and desktop is 77 and I want them to get to over 80% I need someone to help me fix my errors on my website/blog from the google page speed audit. If anyone...
  5. D

    Need SEO advice

    I run my own travel blog on wordWordP and it has been up for about 3 years. I can only seem to get about 50 views a day From SEO and I need some advice on what I am doing is write. Also how do I get high quality backlinks to my keywords and is domain authority score important and if so how do...
  6. D

    looking for a pinterest virtual assistant

    I am looking for a Pinterest virtual assistant that knows how to design grabbing pins and about Pinterest Keywords, so I can get traffic to my travel blog posts. Write down your rates and service you offer and I will message you back with more details and if I am interested.
  7. BlackHatMarket

    Auto Blog Poster

    Anyone know of any auto posting blogs? I have a company that sells Instagram followers, likes, etc. I want to place a blog on their that will mirror another blog. Would this be good? If not, what would you recommend?
  8. S

    Please Review My Blog And Give Me Some Tips How To Grow This

    Hello Guys, Currently I am Running An Entertainment Site- This is Basically my first attempt in Blogging. I have started this site in February this year. And this is working pretty Good. Now i just want to know,what should i do to grow this site and to get better...
  9. J

    Adsense Hosted account.

    Hello, everyone. I have a Hosted Adsense account. I have it attached to a YouTube Channel. What I want to do now is add a blog of mine to monetize it. The thing is the blog is .blogspot. I don't know where to add it from. I need your help guys. Thanks. Edit: If there's no solution, then could...
  10. F

    Help with a niche

    Hi there, As you can tell i'm new to BHW by my post count i'm even knew to the whole IM thing. After getting lost in the mountain of posts here i have come to the conclusion the only way i'm going to ever get this done is just dive in but before i do i need one last bit of advice from the "pros"...
  11. nikhilsmg

    PPD HELP....!! (any other method please...)

    Hello... to all blackhatworld members, I was very sad because i'am getting low income in PPD (sharecash),1 or 2 downloads My method: 1] I uploaded videos in youtube (applications made from visual basic), but videos will be deleated witheen short time.., 2] I made one blogspot and another one...
  12. D

    Help A Newbie Out

    I need someone who already has some good blogs going and has experience to just tell me if this idea is any good for a blog. If I show you, obvisously you can't use it! Just comment underneath and I will PM you it. Cheers Izzy
  13. F

    New WordPress Blog Advice

    hi everyone i am a noob at bloging, and i am going to start a new blog. and i am confused in selecting themes and plugins. So Can Any One Advice Me Best Theme And Plugin For A WP Affiliate Blog. thanks
  14. L

    godaddy hosting

    hi, everybody knows how put several domains in one account godaddy hosting? thanks in advance
  15. C

    Plz Help Plz Help Plz Help

    I have one Blog on blogspot it's just created. any one can give me idea How can i improve hits on this blog.:confused:
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