blocked account

  1. N


    Hello to all, Ebay seller on the side. Iv been doing this for past 5/6 years on and off as a side income. I sell auto parts such as engines which I source from my contacts within the UK. I sell only good quality products however I sometimes or most of the times sell them outside of Ebay...
  2. HelenRyan

    Need help unblocking a disabled Instagram account.

    Dear community, I need help to unblock a personal Instagram account with 20k followers that was blocked 2+ months ago without any success of unblocking. The account was most likely blocked due to an ill-wisher sending mass reports. As soon as possible, willing to offer a competitive pay for...
  3. HelenRyan

    My Instagram Account got permanently blocked

    Dear community, I believe a competitor mass reported my instagram account and it got permanently disabled with a generic message. I've been patiently waiting for their support response for two months without any successs. Can you please give me any tips on what should I do in this case? The...
  4. PanelQ

    [Need Help] 4 IG Old Pages got Blocked - Details down

    Hi there everyone, i need some help from the pros out there, I've been growing 1 big - 100k+ and 3 moderate IG accs 10k+ in gaming, food, news niche and it was kind of hectic to post everyday so i tried a tool to auto post and auto view story and all , but after 2 days all i can see is this (...
  5. S

    Questions involving PayPal

    Hello everyone, I've recently begun a small business endeavour, or side hustle, where I'm selling online videogame items through PayPal, but I have some worries about the near future. I'm currently making roughly 100 euros every few days and after I've just upscaled I could be making close to...
  6. jongmr

    do i need change my domain because of paypal

    hey so i had paypal business account attached on my recent domain ( and suddenly for no reason my paypal business account got blocked. it was fresh paypal business account and i was not received any payments from my customers because i had no customers yet the website wasnt ready...
  7. I

    Do Post scheduling services like buffer, hootsuite, hubspot or later forward your IP to Instagram ?

    Let me explain my scenario properly, I am trying to schedule posts to about 10 odd instagram profiles via buffer from same IP. All these 10 instagram pages are connected to same facebook profile(connecting is mandatory for scheduling). Very often I see for about 50% of my instagram pages, buffer...
  8. M

    Blocked for policy violations again!

    Hello! ;) This is my first post on this forum and i hope somebody will help me. I have a serious problem that really pisses me off :mad:. My accounts are often blocked for policy violations. I can't understand a reason of it. My ads are still approved. The support can't tell me reason of...
  9. russian racket

    Anonymity for begginers. 10 ways to detect your facebook account is a fake (Pt.1)

    As internet marketers we are always in need of fake social net accounts. We buy and create them almost every day and most times we loose them very quickly. Sometimes it feels like the energy and money we put into that just burns in that infinite circle of roadblocks. But here is the thing. If...
  10. D

    Blocked by Instagram

    Hello, Instagram blocked my Phone Samsung Galaxy S6, I can not sign on to any Instagram account. I can access from the computer, and another phone. Is there a simple way to be able to get access restored? Thanks
  11. Heiko

    Twitter acting dumb..

    Hello, Yesterday i recieved a Password Reset on one of my PVA Accounts on Twitter. Usually a Password Reset would be like this: 1. I log into the account 2. I get to this page 3. I click on Start and fill out my password. 4. Done. Yesterday one of my accounts...
  12. P

    Your account has been disable.(Facebook) Blacklisted IP's?

    Hello guys, I have problems with facebook i got to many disable accounts right i press button 'SIGH UP' I think that problem is with IP's? Is there any website or tool to check if my IP is blacklisted by FACEBOOK? I use VPN software for changing IP's and I want to check my IP if is blacklisted...
  13. E

    Best practices to not having bot accounts blocked

    Hello, I created a bot that send a direct message to, previously scrapped, Facebook Places. Each account sends a message to 5 Facebook Places each day. However, after two days of using my bot, half of my accounts have been blocked by Facebook. I'm looking to learn best practices to avoid...
  14. mikpel

    Project: Getting 5000 friends in facebook

    Dear blackhatters, I've been playing around with facebook and fake accounts. I heard that importing a .csv list with random emails scraped from all over the net worked fine just recently but my experiments show it's not possible anymore. I tried to import 500-1000 emails to facebook at a...
  15. J

    How to get your money back from fiverr blocked account

    i had my account blocked from fiverr with about $400 in it. They told me i had to wait 45 to 90 days before i could get my money back. If you're in the same situation, dont despair, i found a way to get the money back in two weeks. Here's what you do: Wait for 14 days from the day they block...
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