1. C

    Looking for Guest posts

    Hello, we are a software development and digital marketing company. We buy links every day and for this matter, we have high standard metrics that the sites need to accomplish. It is important to tell you that we only buy new links, if we already posted on a page I will not buy it again. The...
  2. Slackware09

    Hello, I'm newbie

    hi i am slackware 09, thanks for being allowed to join the forum BHW, my goal to join here to learn and can help. hope you guys can teach me. thank you
  3. B

    Backlink from another country. Could be a problem?

    The story goes like this: I'm going to make some guest posts for other blogs, all from the same niche as mine. The detail is my blog is in Portuguese, the blogs that I will send have English as a language. My question is: can I be penalized by Google or not receive the same juice from a blog...
  4. M

    how to build back link for my new wp site

    Hello webmaster who can help me here how to build back link for my new education site am new to seo pls help me.
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