1. lulolulito

    BlackHatCodeBreaker (BHCB) anyone using Geo Targetting and how?

    I really need help with this, all my CPA offers get redirected to SurveyScout and they requiere users to enter a credit card, even thou i have a good one set in place. I found this link : remoteinsider. c o m/cost-per-action-cpa-f4/how-to-modify-bj-codebreaker-t410.html talks about...
  2. kimkils

    {Tutorial} How to Geo Target and Rotate Offers in BHCB

    Thought i'd share my way of Geo-Targeting BlackHatCodeBreaker, as well as how to rotate the offers for each country. It is quite straightforward and i will describe the process as best i can. Firstly buy BHCB... :) Next in your Links.txt simply have the following: Click Me...
  3. jh0ny90

    Blackhatcodebreaker on Wordpress

    Hello i have been trying to make blackhatcodebreaker work on wordpress but i haven't had any luck yet. Is there any of you that knows how to make it work that can give me some instructions? i will really appreciate it. Thanks
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