{Tutorial} How to Geo Target and Rotate Offers in BHCB


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Jan 10, 2009
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Thought i'd share my way of Geo-Targeting BlackHatCodeBreaker, as well as how to rotate the offers for each country. It is quite straightforward and i will describe the process as best i can.

Firstly buy BHCB... :)

Next in your Links.txt simply have the following:

Click Me

This will create one link, which when clicked will go to the above URL (change the domain bit to your domain... obviously :))

Ok, next up we create that geo folder we see up there in the link...

I have uploaded the contents of the GEO folder to Mediafire here

I've also attached it to this thread as well.

VirusTotal scan here

File geo.zip received on 2010.04.21 14:01:09 (UTC)
Current status: Loading ... queued waiting scanning finished NOT FOUND STOPPED
Result: 0/41 (0%)

The only file you really need to edit is the geo.php one, you can use notepad to edit it but its much easier if you get the free product Notepad++, which makes the syntax much easier to keep track of (and it makes it pretty colours!)

Inside geo.php we have the code to check for the IP and compare it to the database - Geoip.dat and geoip.inc. Index.html is simply a blank html document to give a blank page incase anyone comes sniffing around your website ;)

Ok so what do you edit in geo.php?

it's very straightforward... i have made a template showing you how to arrange URL's to be rotated, if you only want one URL to be chosen then you simply only use one, simple :p

        case "US": // UNITED STATES OFFERS
			$random_url = array("[COLOR="Lime"]http://www.whitehatdomain.com/USA_landing_page_1.php?mn=1234[/COLOR]", // landing page 1...
								"[COLOR="Lime"]http://www.whitehatdomain.com/USA_landing_page_2.php?mn=1234[/COLOR]", // landing page 2...
								"[COLOR="Lime"]http://www.whitehatdomain.com/USA_landing_page_3.php?mn=1234[/COLOR]"); // 3, make sure you have the commas if more than 1!
			$random = (rand()%count($random_url));
			header ("Location: $random_url[$random]");

For a single landing page you would simply use the following:
$random_url = array("http://www.whitehatdomain.com/USA_landing_page_1.php?mn=1234");

Short codes (GB for United Kingdom and USA for America for example) can be found on the internetz, or you could check Geoip.inc (open in your new sexy notepad++)

For those not familiar with CPA redirector it allows you to "fake" your referer so the network see one page and the visitor sees another one. You can get brads great CPA redirector 2 standalone from here

Hope this helps some of you make some money, enjoy ;)


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can you explain what this link is for, I checked this link it is for buying domain/hosting
lol i Just Coded My Own Product that would redirect international vistors to different advertisement so i wouldn't just be advertising to us only traffic ...
funny that you posted this
Thanks OP, great mashup on how to make good use of publicly available scripts - I had this setup going with rotating offers but never bothered to geo-target them, perhaps I should!

Quick question though... let's say I use incentive offers provided by the network with BHCB... and I lock down real content that users can unlock - so no deceiving involved.

So to say everything would be "whitehat" even though I'm kind of using a "blackhat" method.

Would networks have a problem with me using "Click Here" or some other general anchor like "Giftcard Offers" to a link that will different offers???

In other words, do you think there would be a problem if I'm not specifically saying "$250 Wal-mart Gift Card - Click Here!" which simply rotates that specific offer from different networks????
can you explain what this link is for, I checked this link it is for buying domain/hosting

Read the goddamn post man, jesus christ I just can't believe how mindblowlingly dumb some people are here.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to explain this OP, +thanked.
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