1. wanipiro

    [sharing] Find You IP & Domain Info - php

    find your ip info: php code: <?php $myip=$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $string = file_get_contents("".$myip); $json_a = json_decode($string,true); echo '<table>'; foreach ($json_a as $key => $value){ echo '<tr><td>'.$key . '</td><td> : ' ...
  2. kimkils

    {Tutorial} How to Geo Target and Rotate Offers in BHCB

    Thought i'd share my way of Geo-Targeting BlackHatCodeBreaker, as well as how to rotate the offers for each country. It is quite straightforward and i will describe the process as best i can. Firstly buy BHCB... :) Next in your Links.txt simply have the following: Click Me...
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