black hat tools

  1. S

    Looking For A Free TCP Port-Forwarding Service/Tool

    Greetings. I'm here because I'm in heavy need for some guidance on where someone could find a good port-forwarding service/tool that doesn't have any security measures to sniff around my business. I tried ngrok which worked flawlessly, but had random/unstable hostnames and ports. I tried...
  2. Snqke

    Possible to trick DMCA Copyright with google ?

    Hello guys, i'm asking, can we trick google to do not receive DMCA Copyright or minimize it or block bots that claims copyright , something like that? is this possible ? Thanks
  3. B

    Can Scrapebox continue to work?

    It has been unavailable since this morning and cannot be accessed on the official website
  4. kathbura

    Does Black Hat SEO works now-a-days?

    Hello Guys, I want to know that Black Hat SEO is still working? What is your best black hat SEO strategy? What are the tools work best?
  5. Snqke


    Hello guys, I have a website (adult content) with wordpress theme and i had +100k daily visitors, i found that i have +100website copy me for every action i take on my website (add videos , or modify my menus...), this is affect my rank on google and the website get decrease day after day.. i...
  6. John_de

    I need VIP(Piad) User-Agent * Please help*

    I need VIP(Piad) User-Agent * Please help* Anyone know Which company provide VIP(Piad) User-Agent With Low price
  7. B

    Backlink High DA/PA Come Here

    hello everyone, I need a device for backlinks. if someone sells or a service can do that, I want to know how much it costs for things like backlinks below previously I have seen backlinks planted like this.. please check the link i try to find from CTRL + F...
  8. Shropdog

    What black hat tactics work in 2019

    As we all know, Google has spent a lot of time and money in the attempt to make ranking a website or keyword a long and honest one. This however never stops SEO'ers from finding new ways, and also blatantly black hat tactics to gain an unfair advantage. What black hat tactics still work in...
  9. woodoochile

    RankerX or how to lose 1 week of work

    I recently discovered RankerX and I read it was one of the best Black Hat tools I could use. They asure continuous developing and adding new sites and improving their tool. They say you have 1 free week to teest the tool and then they will start charging you 49$/month. I started my free test...
  10. littleseizure

    Diabolic Traffic Bot question

    Good day, people. I have a question regarding the Diabolic Traffic Bot. Is this a tool that I should use in conjunction with an IP blocker, or do they have that covered, or is it not a necessity for other reasons. Thanks for your useful replies ahead of time.
  11. new_don

    Need A Twitter Auto Direct Message Tool

    Hello, I am looking for a good auto direct message tool for twitter which automatically sends message to my new followers is there any free tool for this task. Kindly suggest.
  12. ayoub elgha

    fb like jacker

    hello peopel , can one give me fb like jacker for free ??
  13. J


    I've been trying to do a script that likes pictures from the hashtag i set but i still couldn't do it. Does anyone have a script for imacros that likes pictures? In instagram, webstagram or wherever??? Thanks
  14. F

    Is there any Free Black Hat SEO Tools ?

    Please help me by inform about free black hat SEO tools. I also want to know about free lead generation software. Thanks in advance.
  15. B

    Anyone Try This Reddit Bot?

    Hey fellow BHW peeps. I was curious to see if anyone has tried this software tool on the reddit tool on BlackHatToolz? It seems like it has everything I need. One of the biggest is the ability t create accounts. I was at first looking at Reddit Dominator, from a previous thread I saw...
  16. E

    I need some advice on browser automation! Quora Spammer

    Problem: Spammer is updating spam answer wikis on my top voted answer in Quora and defacing it with his spam links. Solution: Need to generate a script to automatically clear the answer wiki whenever he spams it and replace it with my answer. Software Tried : iMacros and Dejaclick. None worked...
  17. M

    What kinds of tool should use for beginner?

    Hello, I'm a new member and I really want to learn black hat Seo? Can you tell me what should I learn first? About tools, method,... Thanks you. Please teach me how to become a black hat Seo
  18. R

    what is your best black hat seo tool you used to optimise your site?

    Hi BHW, which is your best and lovable black hat tool you ever used to rank your sites.
  19. RB1987

    A Huge List Of Free Quality Tools For You

    Hello Guys, I tried to collect some quality tools information that can help and improve your web Business. I believe this list will help so many of us here in BHW always ask for some free tools information. Text and Word Processing:
  20. X

    Removing Backlinks to your site!

    Hey there, I am new to SEO and internet marketing! i was wondering -how would someone remove a backilink or multiple backlinks to their site? what are the ways and is there any tools out there to do something like that? if so, what tool do you guys recommend? Thanks!
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