#black hat seo

  1. L1ckMyDorr1to

    How do I sell SEO articles on an established site without getting penalty from or hurting my domain ranking ?

    Hi all ! In an earlier post i shared with you all that I have a large, authoritative forum website in my country. it gets around 40K page views per day, and the topics are very broad. Someone inquired me about buying about 30 SEO articles with do follow link from me to their client site (they...
  2. Bigcookies

    How does Xrumer work

    I just attempted to use it today but Im not getting any traffic and my success rate is deplorable In total ive had 4 successes 0 partial successes 146 profiles and everything else (5470) is at rest but what does that even mean
  3. R3spawn72

    Does Traffic Bots Help In Any Way ??

    I was just wondering if the traffic bots like jingling and traffic spirit are any good for a website.Do They Increase the SEO? and if not why do people still use it.Will it hurt my SEO if I use a traffic bot?