1. Random007

    I use a Telegram Bot for trading

    I need suggestion. My script use the telegram channel and trigger to buy. Now i want to market this. Where to start or i don't know any specific marketplace. Any help?
  2. LG1Leo

    help with Google Ads

    Hello everyone, good morning/good afternoon/good evening/good night to you all! I am having an issue with Google Ads and also with Bing Ads. In case you have gone through this or know how I can resolve it, I will be very grateful for any help. I have been advertising Clickbank products in...
  3. Bloodseeker

    ⚠️ How do I allow a fair fight between 3 clients and let the winner buy the ad spot? ⚠️

    I have a high traffic subreddit. There is 1 pinned post spot left on it. 3 clients are fighting for the same spot at the same price. How do I decide which one I should give it to? If I use price as the deciding factor, then any client would think that I'm lying about other 2 clients paying...
  4. $30

    Wordpress, WCFM and PHP Help Needed $150

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for someone who can edit a Wordpress/Woocommerce plugin for me and a client. The plugin is Auction Lots for iBid, I reached out to the plugin author but they have not offer customization, only support. The site will be an auction website similar to eBay however it will...
  5. Oromissed

    Can we optimize Google ads to spend more on particular days of the week?

    Hi PPC folks! Question on Google ads. TL;DR: Can we optimize ads to be spending more on 2 particular days of the week every week? Why do I want to do this? I have noticed that my ecom stores have been getting ~4 times more sales on Fridays and Mondays (data sample checked- 5 weeks of data)...
  6. D

    Any Key for Google Adword Bid Management.

    Hey friends, I am practising on Google Adword campaign. It feel comfortable till keyword research but I don't understand how to go with bid management.? What parameters I can set for profitable bid management? Please help me.
  7. J

    Need A Bidder, I Can Pay Good

    I Need A Bidder To Bid On Internet Marketing Projects. SEO Projects, Web Design And Development Or Any Thing In Online Promotion. We Provide Best And Quality Services. I Can Pay Per Project Or Monthly Or Weekly. Contact Me:- Skype: Jayyadav147 Or PM Me
  8. mojstermiha

    [FREE TUTORIAL] - Facebook ad building, bidding, targeting - Case Study! - *uncensored*

    Hey! I prepared a short Facebook tutorial for building ads, bidding and targeting. This thread was inspired by bornformoney. I didn't have the opportunity to go through his "Raping Facebook 101" e book but I would love to, I'm sure there are some high quality information that I don't know yet...
  9. S

    How to hide affiliate URL while bidding on Trademarks?

    Hey Guys, I would like to repeat unsolved question again... Is it possible to hide affiliate details from advertiser while bidding on Trademark terms? You know, There are many search spiders available to monetize trademark terms. So, I would like to request help from PPC Blackhatters.... Thanks,
  10. M

    Bidding Strategy for Facebook Ads

    Anybody have any information or experience regarding the bidding strategy for facebook ads? I saw it as a question in a reply to the article poster. I figured it probably deserved its own post, since I am not the only one with this question and I am sure others would like to...
  11. S

    Bidding on Trademarks - Is it safe?

    Hi, I am bidding on trademarks. Will it create me any problem? Will they know the keyword, I am bidding on? Please tell me Guys... Thanks,
  12. A

    How do I find out how much my competitors are bidding per keyword?

    Is there an inexpensive tool or service out there that I can find out what each of my competitors are bidding/paying per keyword? Thanks
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