1. tattooedbuddha

    DeepL launches DeepL Write (Beta)

    DeepL, usually known for their translating service, has now launched a new service called "DeepL Write". It's a beta launch. But it might be interesting to see what comes of it. They claim features similar to those of a rewriting and paraphrasing tool, such as: Fix grammar and punctuation...
  2. SeedPhrase

    How to install local hosted apk in iOS?

    Hi guys I wanna install an app in iPhone that is hosted in dropbox..that app isn't available for android as well how can I do that?? Thanks in advance :)
  3. X

    [Beta Testers] QuestionPulse: Desktop-Based Quora Monitoring & Alert System

    Hi BHW, I've created a new desktop-based tool that constantly monitors Quora for new question questions with the keywords you've entered, stores them in a database, can email them and the URL to you, and can send push notifications to your mobile device(s) when new questions are found so you...
  4. Ecodor

    Beta TIKTOK accounts

    I need tiktok beta accounts like 5 of them ... i tried to register for beta testers but they say queue is full at the moment... is there any workaround this or only option is to buy the accounts?
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Google site kit , anyone tried developer preview?

    what do you guys think about this Google site kit plugin?
  6. F

    Hi Everybody! waitlist numbers.

    Hi Community! This is FF_19982 hailing to everybody. I'm looking forward to learn about SEO Blackhat and maye colaborate with some users. As initial question, I would like to know if it's possible (I'm sure yes, but I wonder the best way of proceeding under your point of view) to increase No...
  7. LockerWizPro

    [BETA TESTERS] 10 Beta Testers/Reviewers Needed For LockerWiz Pro - Content/Link/Download Locker

    Hello, I am looking for 10 beta testers and reviewers for a LockerWiz Pro, which is software used to create a content/download/link locker. This software is to be used by CPA affiliate marketers. Beta testers/reviewers will recieve 1 month membership of LockerWiz Pro to test and review the...
  8. Jomasdf

    [TESTERS] Multitool for social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)

    Hello, hopefully posting this in the correct forum this time. I have been working on a program for a while now which I have imagined to be a multipurpose tool for managing different social media accounts. This isn't a new concept by any means but still something that I wanted to try my hands...
  9. Society Girl

    Duplicate Adwords at the bottom of SERP?

    This is a few months old, but not seen anything on it around here: Due to the nature of work I do/software I work with, this has caused some strange results in the insights/data that we have had...
  10. derjrjr

    Need US Phone Verification BETA users

    Hello BHW, I plan to launch a site soon offering US phone verification service for services like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc The site is at its final stage and we need some BETA users to test the service for me before we launch. If you are interested in being a BETA user, either comment...
  11. forwardedlandlines

    Beta testers wanted for new Content Generator tool

    One Cent Content (OCC) is the first article creator made for any budget. Using our Innovative technology you can generate SEO optimized articles for almost any keyword, and it only takes a few seconds. We are giving away for our Beta testers, unlimited usage of our application until the...
  12. 0xxi3

    [BETA TESTERS] Instagram Post Scheduler In Cloud (No download)

    Note: We're looking for 10 testers as of now. What are we testing? A cloud-based Instagram scheduling service. Simply a tool that'll upload photos and videos at a set time, with support for captions, emojis and image editing straight through the website. Service supports multiple Instagram...
  13. Noah Hawryshko

    Admins and Moderators, Wouldn't It Be Better If Everybody Could View the Profiles of Banned Members?

    Hey guys, This is more of a question rather than a statement. I thought I'd bring up a couple reasons floating through my mind that I think it might be better to make the profiles of banned members visible, as they were pre-update. Before the update, whenever I saw a banned member with a high...
  14. Noah Hawryshko

    An Annoying Bug

    Steps to reproduce bug: 1. Comment on thread 2. Edit comment. 3. Click "Save". 4. Varying banner advertisement spanning the full width of screen loads. "Back" button in browser must be pressed to get back to BHW and away from ad. I'm using: Android 5.1.1 Chrome Browser (newest version as...
  15. C

    Can't login

    I used the same login details that I use here, but I can't login into the new BHW beta, sHOULD we sign up all over again or what! Is it just me...
  16. meln

    [BETA TEST] LightSERP - Ultra fast Google rank tracker - NO subscription needed!

    LightSERP was designed to fill a need not currently met by other rank trackers. We grew tired of expensive, over-engineered services and decided to launch an extremely light weight Google rank tracker, with a heavy focus on being flexible and affordable. Instead of the regular monthly...
  17. imupnow

    instagram Bot [Need Beta Testers]

    Hey guys Im currently in development in creating a a instagram bot and the basic features are about done and i need some people to test my bot out, see if it works and give me there honest opinion Requirements: [*=center]Multiple Instagram Accounts [*=center]Private Proxies...
  18. Carepolice

    Free subscriptions to our Kindle Niche Analysis software

    Hello my fellow Blackhatters, Would you like to crush your Amazon/Kindle competition? The Kindle market is exploding and choosing a profitable, accessible niche is essential to your success. We'll be releasing our first publicly available marketing tool in the next few weeks. Our tool performs...
  19. ajithrocksca

    iOS 6 is stunning. Best Mobile OS ever

    I just installed iOS 6 in my iPhone and can't take my hands off. It is truly futuristic and android has a lot of catching up to do. Do you guys have iOS 6? if so what is your favorite feature of iOS 6? I am already so focused on making it big in app development and marketing, this just gave me...
  20. AlexMit

    [BETATEST / REVIEWS] Amazon / AdSense Mashups - Extreme Niche Sites!

    Hello BHW, A brief history: For the last five years we have been building Amazon and AdSense oriented websites. We started with building simple MNS sites for AdSense. Then we decided to build product reviews sites and sell Amazon products via them. At last, after a great amount of various...
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