best practices

  1. missmarple

    Adult Membership Site - I have some questions

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and in websites in general. I have some questions. 1. Do you know a good payment gateway for an adult site owned by an individual in the Philippines? My site is bdsm related which I mainly use in marketing my services as a ProDomme. I want to accept payments using my...
  2. codeman1234

    Amazon Ecommerce Affiliate Best Practices?

    Hello guys, What are best recommended practices to follow when creating an amazon affiliate ecommerce store that I need to be aware? What I mean with this is for example when placing amazon links use pretty links plugin to make new links and make them no follow, anything else you recommend for...
  3. TheSoloAct

    What actually works on Instagram

    I don't want to come off as an expert on Instagram or any other social media channel, but I recently started giving more time to social media and over a month, I've had some really good return from social media channels and insights that I'd love to share. I'll share what I found the key...
  4. MidnightRambo

    Jarvee Quality Sources (my) best practices

    Hey there, i hope you're all having a great day. I've read a lot in this forum in the past and i think it's time to give some advice back. I know that a lot of you use Jarvee and what's the most important when using Jarvee? Good (Follow-) Sources! So today i'm going to show you how you can...
  5. M

    What's considered bad link sculpting in Googles Eyes?

    So it's been said that Google is cracking down on link sculpting. What determines good link sculpting vs bad link sculpting? For instance, let's say I have a call to action on my web page that says "Learn More" and links to an inner page. On the same page I have a rich text link that does the...
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