1. C

    Automatically Report/Ban Facebook Pages?

    I've encountered an intriguing challenge with a client who has a substantial following and a verified account on both Facebook and Instagram. They are being targeted by individuals creating numerous fake pages daily, impersonating their brand. In order to protect their reputation and prevent...
  2. Sl4v3r1

    Instagram and Massplanner Problems with Account Banning

    Heyo, I started a new project based on from @hasa1050. I got Massplanner for a half year, 100 x PVA Instagram Accounts from 247accs, Proxies from Massproxy and my VPS. That's the setup. I started it...
  3. A

    All 39 Instagram Accounts Banned

    Did anyone else experience a mass Instagram account ban on August 19th, 2016 (morning US time)? I had 39 established Instagram accounts that were all banned at the exact same time on August 19th (approx. 9 am US eastern time). Each account had 1000+ organic followers and the same safe liking...
  4. V

    Tumblr banning new accounts like crazy?

    I just tried to register 3 tumblrs, with 3 different elite proxies, all my accounts were terminated before I could even verify them... I used a different user agent for all, I deleted all my cache and cookies every time. It worked fine until now, did anyone else experience this? Is it safe...
  5. phobia2381

    Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger

    I recieved this email sometime yesteday from blogger, just a heads up everyone if you haven't checked your email or didn't recieve it..
  6. T

    Twitter and Banning?

    Hello all. So it's pretty obvious that twitter bans newly created accounts based on the ip address that they were created with. However, can you authenticate (OAuth) a large number of accounts on the same ip address without twitter catching on? Also, does twitter seem to flag accounts that...
  7. T

    Can I ban a site?

    Hi everybody I have a question about banning sites from google, I want to remove a site from the index that is going after one of my clients who is a legitimate, bbb business member business who has a disgruntled ex-employee that started a sucks blog about the company. I would like to help my...
  8. T

    Youtube uploading solutions

    Hi everyone, I thought id give a quick introduction about me. Ive been reffered here by my friend whos helping me with IM after seeing the money he makes. Ive been reading alot lateley and hes been teaching me all the basics and concepts. So im starting out with the youtube film method. "To...
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