Important Update to Adult Content Policy on Blogger


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Nov 3, 2012
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I recieved this email sometime yesteday from blogger, just a heads up everyone if you haven't checked your email or didn't recieve it..
blogger capture.JPG
Thanks for the heads up bro!

I have always been advicing to avoid blogger when doing adult blogs... now they will just gonna delete all adult related blogs and all your work is gone
So they are really against adult content. Too bad.
Thanks for the heads up mate. I was just getting loads of content written for my adult blogs (which has adult affiliate banners), so looks like i will be switching to Wordpress or something new.
So now that both Blogger and Tumblr bans adult blogs, what to use now? Any ideas?
Since when does tumblr ban adult blogs? Can I see some proof?
Recived the same. Deleted all ads but is linkbucks allowed or not?

Add : I have adult tumblr blogs and have no problems
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