Ad networks - do you work with them?

    Hey guys! Were wondering if you work with advertising networks? How do you know if it's a good one?
  2. M - similar sites

    Hello, adclerks is a great thing for both publishers and advertisers (a bit small CTR)... I have been looking for a similar site for several days, maybe a bigger one, where you can also buy banners on websites / blogs, but unsuccessfully. Does anyone know a similar page ? Thank you
  3. prey24

    Creative Designing Service To Skyrocket Your Brand ⭐Starting From Just $5 ⭐ Logo ⭐ Banners ⭐ BHW Creatives ⭐ Branded Graphics ⭐And Many...

    Ecomtancyweb brings the ultimate designing service to completely revamp your brand. Our experienced designers have a huge experience in almost every domain of designing like logos, brochures, menu cards, sales threads, social media banners, T-shirt designs, business cards, ad banners, bhw...
  4. thesyndicate

    Where do you host your banner?

    Where do you host your banner? Other than your server where do you host banners for example here?
  5. Jono987

    Creative Banner Designer

    I'm looking for someone that can make creative banner ads for ad networks (propeller etc).
  6. Zwielicht

    [GET] "Signature For Rent" Banners Version 3.0

    After my original thread became obsolete due to the release of rule 5.1, I've decided to make a new thread. This new signature banner package comes with some much needed changes, which I've detailed below. Changelog: All of the original compliant banners have been added to this new ZIP file...
  7. worldnetwork

    Professional Logos, Banners, Business Card Designs & Social Media | Design Service for your Brand

    Professional Logos, Banners, Business Card Designs & Social Media | Design Service for your Brand
  8. rafark

    Adwords Display Network images vs text..

    I, as an end user, usually avoid clicking on text ads when i see them. Text ads look very spammy to my eyes. This is my first time creating a new Display Network campaign and I want to use image ads only, and I was wondering if I am losing valuable clicks by not adding a responsive display ad...
  9. T

    How would you monetize 200 clicks?

    Lets say you could get guaranteed 200 banner ad clicks per day, from usa, mainly mobile traffic, how would you monetize it to get the most money per? Please dont be vague like "affiliate marketing" I want to know more precise strategies.
  10. HelloBTCMINER

    [GET] "SIGNATURE is available FOR RENT" Banners [NEW 2018]

    I was going through @Zwielicht's thread "[GET] Signature Banner PSD & "Signature For Rent" Banners" ( Thanks for the thread ) and i really think they are kind of old designs. So i've created some new designs of "Signature for RENT" (728x90 px) banners, I hope BHWers will like it... Download...
  11. Ismah

    Canva FREE Alternative

    Its my 1st post . I found this valuable . Many People don't know about this website . ==>> designer . gravit . io Remove spaces from link. Its not my website or i am not doing any promotion. Moderator Please remove this post if its against rules. Thanks .
  12. Stuart Sergio

    Free Review Copies in exchange for the review

    I like to Offer Review Copies
  13. Alex D.

    Where to buy visitors for adult content

    Let's say that I can convert 1000 people to $15 - $20 in adult niche. I want to buy traffic from banners I checked juicy ads but they are to expensive minimal 0.02 CPC for Tier 1 which is $20 for 1000 people. Also I checked plug rush, there I can get 1000 people for $5 but it's seems to ideal...
  14. Nowaw

    Mobile ad creatives

    Hey guys. Who knows If there is any source where I can find creatives for mobile banners, interstitials? Right now just researching online, checking out sites manually to find out which are used more often ( theory have high CTR and should convert well) and download them. Any advice...
  15. H

    Ad network that allows banners

    Hi all, I need a good network that allows banners, after some research on this site I tried 3 that seemed good, PopAds - only have popunder ads, no banners Ad-Maven - don't allow resizing of banners to fit correctly, smallest height is 250 Propeller Ads - No longer allow banners I need banners...
  16. T

    Need high CPA guaranteed with mobile traffic

    I can get about 50 banner ad clicks from mobile traffic via websites per day. I can use any offer (but prefer those related to tech/android/mobile etc..) From 50 clicks I can say expect one conversion atleast, so from this conversion I am looking to earn $25+ per day. This is my target per...
  17. Jisjohnson

    [giveaway] 125 X 125 rotational banner 10000 credits

    Dear Members, I am giving away 10000 banner credits. All banners are 125x125 size . If anyone interested can pm me Thanks
  18. E

    Professional Logos, Banners, Business Cards High Quality Services Offer

    Wellcome To My Market Place World I will do logo design for your website, business, company or any kind of event. I will create your logo in the way you want. All my designs are unique, professional and creative. For $5 I'll design Outstanding LOGOS with JPEG and transparent PNG ✔ I will...
  19. Vlad D

    Logos | Banners | Landing Pages | Web Design starts from $15 Freelancer w/ 5 Years Experience

    Few reviews from my giveaways :
  20. C

    Banner Exchange

    Hi there, just would like to invite owers of other sites to exchange banners. More info at a2z-nylon dot com
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