1. DonB

    Hi from BKK

    Hi, all. I have been playing with online business for more than a decade. But, it was just that, playing. Just a hobby. I have retired now and would like to find an online biz to supplement my income. Any and all advice is most welcome. Good luck to all!
  2. blissbliss

    Are there any expat in BHW that live in Thailand?

    Hey, are there any expat in BHW that live in Thailand? Let's get to know each others :D
  3. B

    Anyone from BHW (or friends) are currently in Bangkok for a chat?

    If you have time and are in Asia (Bangkok/Thailand), perhaps you like to meet a fellow BHW member. We can talk about fun or business or both. Just message me...
  4. B

    Located in Bangkok, I have a few wholesale hookups....

    Hi there everyone, I've lived in Bangkok for a while and I've made a few wholesale contacts. So far I have a few hookups for things like T-shirts(No name Brands, but cool designs) Sunglasses, and other types of clothing...... I could however, go out to the markets in Bangkok, and make new...
  5. neo

    19 Killed in Bangkok

    19 People including 4 soldiers and a Japanse journalist got killed in Bangkok when Army opened fire at Redhisrt protestors. News: ztF6hUryt88&hl
  6. L

    Success is the Greatest Revenge... right?

    Okay, so I need someone to talk me into NOT taking revenge. Here's the story. I'm an American, came to Thailand in Jan 09 and wanted to make it just on Internet Marketing alone. That didn't work. After 2 months I looked for a job and a Video Production Company in Bangkok hired me as their...
  7. B

    Any BH member located in Bangkok/Thailand?

    Hi, I would like to come in contact with BH members who are living in Thailand - preferable in Bangkok - to exchange ideas and do eventually some projects together. Especially I'm looking for experienced and active BH member but if not, no problem at all. Please contact me at this forum...
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