1. Bakidaki

    What proxies do SMM panels use?

    While searching for a 4g proxy provider that I pay per GB of bandwidth used, realized most providers offer only "dedicated 4G proxies", which is of no use if you want to do actions on a large number of accounts. So I was wondering how much do SMM panel providers pay for their proxies and what...
  2. LX911

    [HELP] Unable to Scale Website Due to Server Bandwidth Issue

    Hi, I have a SEO Tool type website and its average bandwidth / month is around 80-100GB, the issue is I cannot shift to a VPS cause the website isn't earning enough to break even at this stage. I have to use Adsense alternative networks and CPA offers won't work (tried and tested). My current...
  3. omar abdi

    Looking To Fix Digital ocean Bandwidth Overage

    I'm facing this problem I posted here on BHW if anyone can fix this I will hire him/her forsho
  4. Chris.Roark

    Research: How Much Proxy Bandwidth Uses An Instagram Account

    Hi guys, while this is related to proxies, I think it's best I post it here because many of you use bandwidth-priced proxies on Instagram (such as 4G or residential proxies). TL:DR findings: an account on IG, via Jarvee uses up to 2.4 MB of data for: Account Setup - 6.9 MB (tried login several...

    "Excessive bandwidth usage" Problem

    Hi everyone. Sorry for my bad English Im total noob and this is my 1st time building a website. Today, My hosting account has been suspended because of "Excessive bandwidth usage" Contact to my hosting support, they said i need to upgrade my plan from 3$/month -> 100$/month =.=. I dont even earn...
  6. Enoryht

    Hosting advice

    I am slowly learning the fundamentals of my website and websites for my clients. Before I go live, I want to choose the best hosting plan for me. What I am about to do is create my own website and blog about websites for businesses. And yeah I want to make this blogging thing as a...
  7. tutughosh - Affordable Dedicated Server for Individual and Resellers

    Presents Hello Guys This is Anirban Ghosh from ServerHosh Internet Service. I am starting this New Thread to focus on our Dedicated Servers which we Hosted at Seattle, USA on a Private Data Center. Those who are our Current Clients on ServerHosh and Bithosts already aware of our Dedicated...
  8. R_Fatale

    How much Bandwidth/Disk space do I need?

    Hello all, I have been asking various host providers questions and some are useful while others are not. If I wanted to create a site, with 4 pages and on one of those pages, I will be hosting 8 videos, all together it is 2gb of video material. One of the staff of a hosting provider told me...
  9. ThatBloke

    Track Bandwidth usage

    Hi guys! I wonder if I can track the bandwidth usage of each member who works in my company. We use a 4G router. Is it possible do this?
  10. aka_ab

    Does streaming embedded videos consume bandwidth from my quota?

    I am thinking to setup a legal PPV site for movies. I want to know if hosting movies on seperatevideo hosting and embeding them on my site account to consume bandwidth from from hosting quota ?
  11. dotaboy

    VPN/Proxies for Youtube Views Bot

    Hi everyone I am making a Youtube Views bot but I am stucking at looking for a VPN or Proxy Provider who offer unlimited bandwitdth service. Those proxies provider on BHW says their services are "unlimited" but they are not. They will block you from using the service if you use about 100GB/...
  12. bdseo2014

    [GUIDE] How can Save Bandwidth and Increase Website performance For Image base Website.

    Hello Guys, Today I will share my experience about Website speedup and saving bandwidth. Last 3 month ago i started a website which was mainly image base website. And i had lot's of visitor (100k page view per day). So that's why it's take a large amount of Bandwidth. Like more then 15 GB per...
  13. T

    bypassing network admin speed throttling

    my network is set up in such a way that every time you download/upload too much in a short amount of time your bandwidth gets throttled heavily.. i think the exact numbers are around 1gb in an hour and then throttled an hour to <200kbps down from 80mbps..sad... anyways, this is not imposed by...
  14. imupnow

    Can Someone Tell Me What Are "C-Class" Proxies?

    Ok So I Have Did Some Research And Found Out class C mean "all IPs from same /24 subnet" - Can Someone Go Into Further Detail About This? And What Are C-Class Proxies Good For? ...Bots? And Whats a Good Proxy Bandwidth To Get For Tasks Like Posting Comments, Liking/Rating And Etc When Using...
  15. mseostrategy

    Which is a unlimited bandwidth hosting?

    Hi can any buddy know which is a best unlimited bandwidth hosting in cheep prices . Thank you
  16. tony20

    traffic question

    hi this is a question to guys that have high traffic websites/blogs. 10,000+ a day I want to create a website that that will be blog style and will have mainly photos in its posts. Not large size but decent. I'll be driving traffic initaly with bought traffic from right here on bhw! i...
  17. Solo Ads

    Hosting for Game Sites

    Hi guys I'm looking for an offshore hosting service that will be good for a Game site like: Does anyone know any good one? Also does anyone know how much bandwidth does a game site take each month? Thank you guys :)
  18. U

    Question about Xrumer and Bandwidth?

    Im getting a seperate internet connection for xrumer and running it on a seperate pc which is a p4 dual core and 2 gig of ram , and I was just wondering how much bandwidth would be optimal. I have two choices a 1 - 5mb download speed and 1 mb upload speed 2 - 10mb download speed and 1...
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