bad review

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    Bad review keeps coming back to top of list

    I am not a company. Someone wrote something about me on Twitter last year and has not updated the site since then. (of course Google and Twitter will not help) I have built my own social pages with a Twitter account with more than a thousand followers. I have an active LinkedIn account, and...
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    have a Google Blogspot issue

    Our company received a nasty review and we are looking for suppression of a blog posted in 2010. The original poster emailed it out to our client base in 2012 and the blog went from page 10 to top spot. We are Canadian and the blog holds 1st place in Canada and 9th in the US. We paid a...
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    how to remove a bad review (blog article) from the 2st page in serp?

    I have a problem which needs to be solved. If you google this name in google, the first post is a blog article giving a very bad review for a web development project dissing the company and the owner (i don't want to name names because i don't want to bring more visitors to that page). The...
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