backlink checker

  1. Turbo B.

    Free Ahrefs Backlink Checker went unusable

    It seems it went to piece of crap now. No more UR and referring domains of backlinks. No more do-follow / no-follow. No more anchors.

    Hrefs Backlink Free Checker captcha BOT (FREE)

    If you have used Hrefs Backlink Checker (FreeVersion) you will know that solving the Google capture is a pain and slows you down. So I have written a bot to solve the Google capture using 2capture service. The bot is completely FREE, no signups, no money...
  3. adityaradea

    5 Powerfull SEO Tools from AHREFS you might not know about and its totally Free

    Ahrefs is the most powerful and also most expensive SEO tools especially since they remove 7 days trial subscription. Here is 5 Ahrefs free SEO tools you might not know that will help you with various SEO tasks, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and more. Here is the...
  4. N

    Check list of sites for my domain

    Can anyone suggest a tool to check a list of sites' HTML for a particular string? I've bought loads of backlinks but noticed recently that some of them were taken down by the owner - in some cases after only a few weeks. I want a tool that I can load up with a list of pages and them scan them...
  5. Kanye West

    Monitor Hidden PBN Backlinks Pointing To Competitor's Domain

    Hi BHW, is there any tool to check for hidden backlinks pointing to a domain? I mean inbound links coming from websites which block ahrefs via htaccess. My competitor is outranking me but his backlink profile looks weak in ahrefs. He is probably using a pbn. I appreciate any answer. Best...
  6. GenesisOne

    [ Blacklisted Backlinks ] - Check if the Backlinks You Paid For are in Fact Blacklisted and Harmful for Your Site

    Hey guys, Don't know if this has been shared here before but I received an email that made me aware of a blacklisted backlinks check tool available to use for free: Hope it helps.
  7. tazarbm

    How Can I See the Total Number of Links On a Page... In Bulk?

    Hi everyone! Can someone tell me if there's a software that automatically counts the total number of links on a page and then outputs this number (along with the links) in a nice report for me to stare at like an idiot? I can't do this manually for 3-4k pages because I will grow beard, get...
  8. alishakapoor

    Free backlink checker tool found 100% free backlinks checker tool
  9. Stas Va

    Backlinks Checker Tool ✅ MAJESTIC and GOOGLE API Metrics ✅ Google INDEX Checker ✅ BACKLINKS TRACKER ⭐ FROM $ 2/month

    ADDITIONAL INFO: More details about our product you can read: here We also have a Journey on BHW: here TUTORIAL VIDEO (How to USE): F.A.Q What Problems you solve? Simplify and automate Backlink checking and tracking processes. What “link verification” means? That parameter check if the...
  10. T

    [How to] Check backlinks for free - NO software needed

    So I just saw a question on how to check if a backlink is still active on a certain page. So the free options are : Use the FREE scrapebox link checker and install it. Easy to use just read the page here: No software version Let's just use Google...
  11. yacysh2

    Free backlink tool - Pulno

    Hi all, I'll leave a link to a new, free backlink checker: You can check 50 backlinks without logging in and much more after signing up.
  12. Daniel from Linxact

    ❌ PBNs EXPOSED ❌ Starting at $45 / Month ✅ Find Hidden Backlinks With Linxact That ahrefs & Majestic Can't Find ✅ UNMASK ANY PBN OF YOUR COMPETITORS ✅

  13. Roger Marquez

    [CASE STUDY] Which Is The Best Backlink Checker?

    Today Matthew Woodward posted an article on his blog called Which Is The Best Backlink Checker SEO tool in the market today. His efforts were oriented towards finding out which SEO tool has the biggest backlink database in the world. So for this, he took what he believes are the top 5 SEO...

    Check if you're backlinks are indexed in google?

    Google Index Checker Service. Know if you're backlinks are indexed in google! Every SEO knows that to rank, you need backlinks. But you also need to know, that they are indexed in google. Whats the point of building a backlink and only guessing if google has indexed it? If you're having...
  15. back2form

    What is the Best BULK backlink checker tool in 2018 ?

    Hey Hello Quick! I checked so many backlink tools, most of them are not free, or give you enough free data, but you have to pay for monthly version to see the full report or checking single URL not BULK . What is the Best_FREE_BULK_backlink Checker Tool ? I repeat, BULK back link checker...
  16. A

    Suggest me a tool for check Outbound Link from my website

    Can some one suggest me to a tool to check outbound links from my website all pages.
  17. dennyfar

    Free Backlink Checker to Disavow Links

    Hi is there a free backlink checker tool to check bad links?
  18. D

    How To Free Use system ahrefs or any backlink checker Tool ?

    If you know this free use ah refs or any backlink checker tools please tell me. we know SEO maximum tools are paid but have some tricks these we don't know. please if you want to this system? share this system, please!
  19. J

    Free backlinks checker tool

    Do you know any free backlinks checker tool ?
  20. innosoft

    Link Cleaner & Anchor Text Analyzer! Custom Coded. Multi Threaded. Blazing Speeds!

    Hey Buddies! About Software: Name: Link Cleaner Used for: 1. Finding Dead Links (It will check if page exists or not and also if a domain is expired it will mark as Dead) 2. Removing Duplicate Domains from list 3. Trimming Urls to Last Folder 4. Checking for Certain "Text" in a Page.. (if a...
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