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  2. ciphercipher1

    My idea on how to make 500$/month with auto blogging

    Hello guys, I was really inspired by some auto blogging journeys in the forum. I want to say that I have almost no experience with SEO and blogging stuff. My strong points are more tech related(If there is some hidden way to redirect users from a given website to my website via XSS or any other...
  3. Snqke

    Adsense and PBNs?

    Hello, can i earn money from making blog monitized with adsense and promote it by PBN and good backlinks ? any idea or suggestions ? Thx
  4. Getwhatchuwant

    Going to Case Study two services on 4 of my posts.Two new, two old. Suggestions?

    Background: I have a website I created in January 2018. I slapped some content on it and bought some press releases and did some links back to my site by registering for a handful of sites ad creating some content. I bought one service (Jack Sparrow) which did give me some movement but 3 years...
  5. zimba

    FREE Guest Post on my new auctioned domain DA 29 RD 163

    FREE Guest Post on my new auctioned domain DA 29 RD 163 DR 20 Niche: General but most of the content are digital marketing related Unique content only. Spun content will not be accepted Minimum word count 600 1 do follow link and one authority link Not required but will make my job easier...
  6. jiya raichand

    Not getting clicks for US region

    Hi, I started my website 5 months back and it's USA geo. Now i am getting almost 1k visitors per month and clicks also fine. But i am not getting visitors from the USA region. I already set my target region US in search console and doing backlinks too and whatever content i am posting all...
  7. Sunmoluvic

    How can I index my backlinks in 24 hours

    I've been facing a real issue indexing my backlink I have a competitor and this guy indexes his backlinks in just 10 to 20 hours, I hardly index my link in 5 days I tried one of the link index service on BHW, it sucks I think there's should be a way around it, my competitor must be doing...
  8. Louis Timothy Dioso

    Backlinks for my site

    I need backlinks for my site, cheap but effective. Thanks! Niche: Basketball
  9. benj_pirate

    changes in 2020: ******** vs NOFOLLOW 80/20 or 95/5 ??

    I was debating with a friend about the importance of nofollow links. I'm thinking that a nofollow link from a new referring domain is bringing about 20% the value of a ******** link from this exact same new referring domain. My friend is thinking that it's more about 5%. ----> What do you...
  10. tored

    How can I get really backlink for my website ?

    Hi I'm newbie and I create my first learning website I know nothing about seo how can I start backlinks ? and what's the best method to get really and strong service ?
  11. jem001

    Get high quality reddit backlinks

    Hello, I'm a moderator of a new subreddit that actually index any links and make a high quality reddit backlinks. Once you post ur link on my subreddit, I will approve it and give you an upvote and then it will get indexed within 24 hrs. My subreddit is r/Pstatnghreexptprn. Just post on this...
  12. hkseosolutions

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  13. R

    What is the issue ?

    Hello BHW, I did properly on-page SEO of my website as well as made a 600+ referring domain backlink ( 40+ guest post ) even one of my keywords is not getting in google first page. My All competitors made an approx backlinks only 120 referring domain but they have come in top 5 positions...
  14. Shinichi Izumi

    HELP needed BACKLINKS Building !

    Hello BHWers so i have bought some backlinks from here and seems like none of all those backlinks is indexed not even one followed a thread here that all users commented is working but didn't for me
  15. Wrath Of God

    URL Shortner Backlinks

    Hi BHW. Can someone help me to understand how to create URLs shortener backlinks and its benefits? My site is in Adult Niche. Does Url shortener method help Adult Site SEO? Any information would be highly appreciable. Thank you
  16. shipluppc

    High DA domain purchase

    Hi, How can I purchase high DA expired domain? Can you please help me? Thanks
  17. X

    Backlink buying/exchange. Where do I open up this thread?

    Hey guys, new here to the forum. Didn't want to break any rules so I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me where do I open up my thread regarding buying and exchanging backlinks. All the feedback I could get would be appreciated. Thanx :)
  18. AngoraSpace

    Build Backlink Right To Sitemap Page

    Dear All What is positive and negative effect if we build backlink that pointing right to sitemap (xml or html) page? Regards
  19. userAnonyme

    Easiest D0f0ll0w [email protected] (DA=48 and PA=33)

    Hi everyone, I found this site and I want share it with you. Link example: 1-sign up: 2-click submit list : In name enter you post title. In...
  20. Eyrand

    How to Discover the pages with more Backlinks than a Website

    Hi guys, how can I discover pages with more backlinks than a website? Thank you so much