How can I get really backlink for my website ?


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Jul 31, 2017
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I'm newbie and I create my first learning website I know nothing about seo
how can I start backlinks ? and what's the best method to get really and strong service ?
If you are looking for free backlinks you can start with forums and blog comments, but not all good quality
For paid, there is in the market place of bhw many backlinks packages, just make quick search
write a pressrelease about your site launch, submit it press release submission sites and viola you have your first and many more real backlinks. i also own a press release site, you can send to me also will publish for free if written properly.

make Twitter profile for your site, put link in bio,
follow same for Facebook and Instagram.
I'm newbie and I create my first learning website I know nothing about seo
how can I start backlinks ? and what's the best method to get really and strong service ?

Use the $7 trial of ahrefs. Run high ranking competitors in your niche through ahrefs. Evalutate their inbound and outbound links. Also evaluate the inbound and outbound links of those sites as well. Compile links of interest into a document. Find the contact information of the site owners. Send the site owner an email requesting to do a guest post. The site owner may want you to pay them. Some won't though. Depending on how you craft your email (I advise having a guest post written first), you could make it seem as though your helping the site owner in exchange for a link.

In the beginning if you don't have solid metrics on your site this could be a lot tougher than having good metrics.

Someone mentioned blog comments, which is a good way to diversify your anchors, and mix in some naked URLs.

Also there are threads in this forum how to get free links from sites like Reddit and Buzzfeed.

And there are lots about Reddit here.

You could create some web 2.0s. Those are free.

Here's another tip. Just go look at anyone here selling a "DIversity Package". Ask them for a sample of their work. All those diversity packs are free sites that you can create links on yourself. They're all garbage IMO, but for a new site they might help move the needle a little.

One thing to remeber when building your own links. MAKE IT LOOK NATURAL. FOr instance you don't want to create a Web 2.0 for linking purposes and have your site name be the same name as the web 2. I see so many sellers doing this, and wonder how in the f@#! that looks legit.
Don´t do offpage until you have mastered on page, when you are done with that, start off with a press release if you are a local business get one from local newspapers, if not get it from news sites.

Help people out on Q&A sites and leave a link at the end in a subtle way.
Participate actively in niche based forumms, and leave some links in a natural helping way.

Then you can get into more shady stuff if this is not enough.

Oh and most importantly, dont watch neil patel videos.
When starting out, it’s really hard to get organic backlinks. So what I would suggest is buy a few links here and there, you’ll definitely find many great services for that here at BHW. To save on the process, you might want to look into crowd marketing, have people mention you here and there.
thanks to all of you ..but sorry I didn't understand most of your technical terms because I'm newbie
so please give me link to a service in market place to start from

PBN + Guest post is one of the Strong services of the link Building Section. please will try Marketplace in Linkbuliding section There is a lot of Best Seller :)

Thanks :)
Try to find sites related to yours and drop your comment and link there.
Quora is a good place to answer questions, provide value and leave your link.
You can guest post also on related sites. A quick Google search will give you a list of sites.
Try to avoid sites that are not related to your subject.
@Darlene Florrie
How much does it cost backlinks from good websites, ( not very high authority nor very low ) medium.
There's of course more ways if Your wallet can take it. I for example use GSA SER (Search engine ranker) + Scrapebox. Paid around $180 for both of them (lifetime license, that's the sweet thing + lifetime updates). So leaving this aside, I have to be honest with You - I am not getting yet the best results, I am still learning the tools and try to make the best combinations in order to create efficient backlinks. Now, this depends on You! I don't advertise anything! This is the method that brings me quality over time which results better in ranking. Now, this is totally your decision and I do not suggest you to spend your money this way. There are a lot of people on the forum who sell quality backlinks, if you're not willing to pay for tools and learn them, the people on BHW will provide You great services for cheap prices (quality services) take care though, pick Your sellers carefully.
@Darlene Florrie
How much does it cost backlinks from good websites, ( not very high authority nor very low ) medium.

The price depends on many factors. You can get a link on a DA 40 website for about $30-70, if it is a regular website that has a blog section that gets a few thousands of monthly traffic. If we are talking about a website with that same DA level, but a couple dozen thousands more traffic, the link will cost above $150. There are also services that let you pay for links monthly, so such links would cost around $10 per month.
There are several things that you can do....But for a start you need to get in contact with an SEO expert.

There are several things that an SEO includes, the content being post on the website, the on page optimization, choosing the right keywords, etc.
If you have no idea about these things, then looking for an SEO professional should be your first option.

You can of course look for software that allow you to build backlinks, but it still needs you to learn about using them effectively and efficiently. Manual Link building is a very integral part of SEO and it needs an expert to help with.

There are severl experts here on BHW that offer several link building packages that you can hire at affordable prices as well.
Make sure you have optimized on page perfectly and then move to off page. Try with a press release, Build quality and relevant links,web 2.0, guest post. At Starting you might face some difficulties to gain and keep the site legit, It will help. Diversity the backlink profile and Focus only on quality links.
Don't use backlink softwares yet. Let the website get old for like 6 months and give it a go slowly. Don't rush about backlinks yet. Improve the quality of the website first.
First try to optimization the on page and then move to off page.
Try with quality of backlinks and promote in social media platforms
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