1. razharov

    I got access to over 200 domains, PBN situation

    Hello everyone. A few days ago a friend of mine gave me limited access to a huge amount of domains. I can create sub domains, and add pages or posts to those sub domains, so its almost like blogger but on 200+ different domains. I checked the domains and only 1-2 had 20+ SS score but the...
  2. abdelhake

    [Help please] my site has been removed from Google [ DMCA]

    Hello guys, I have a site where I sell the IPTV , the last three days it went down to zero impression , when I searched for the problem, I found that it was permanently deleted from Google And when I Search it on google this is what it looks like Please I'm very confused now, and I don't...
  3. A

    How to block backlink checking sites, like Majestic, Ahrefs and SEMRush

    Hi guys, I am building a small PBN for myslef. Can any one please guide me step by step how to block backlink checking sites, like Majestic, Ahrefs and SEMRush, from crawling or indexing my PBN?
  4. Deepak Nagar

    Making citation for local seo

    Hey guys, Can you tell me how can I make citation for my local seo client and also useful for fiverr gig. Any help would be appreciated☺ Thanks
  5. Veronique89

    Most influence on ranking: amount of referring domains or total amount of backlinks?

    Good day, small question: what has the most influence on ranking: amount of referring domains or total amount of backlinks? All help, replies and tips are very much appreciated! Have a wonderful day! Warm regards, Veronique
  6. S

    Free windows vps for scrapebox

    For all who need to run VPS round the clock but don't want to leave PC running the whole time, then check out the following: FREE VPS It's a Windows VPS, use the remote desktop access and install Scrapebox on it just like you would on the PC and have it running around the clock. Always stay...
  7. aman111

    BHW help me!!! NO Traffic = NO Earnings :(

    This is my website: hxxp://w3.m*usicf*umez.c0m (Remove *) Website Age: Approx. 2 Months Working with CPA Lead & abt. 15-20 clicks but no leads (till date). I am having no earnings at all! I have manually bookmarked my site to abt. more than 100 social bookmarking sites & submitted to...
  8. X

    PRstorm,Backlinks And Alexa Rank

    I've been using PRstorm alot lately for my blog and getting some backlinks and in 2 days my Alexa Rank dropped 1,200,000.I believe in 2 weeks it has dropped 3,000,000 total.When I go to alexa,it says my popularity is up 600% Before it was 200% Has anybody had these results with Alexa using...
  9. C

    +5 Backlinks From .edu since 6month results ?

    Hello, 6month ago i registered on 5 ".edu" blog and backlinks from them and 6 month later result is >> nothing at all change my question is "is it normal" that's backlinks from .edu give no effect? sorry for my bad english:eek:
  10. lostgringos

    Barter System A New Innovation on BHW

    I was reading a thread here tonight about someone who is in a partnership with a friend. I have really shied away from this because of past experiences. But at this moment I am think it would be a great solution to my current problem. I have allot of experience in blogging and am a good...
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