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    I was reading a thread here tonight about someone who is in a partnership with a friend. I have really shied away from this because of past experiences. But at this moment I am think it would be a great solution to my current problem.

    I have allot of experience in blogging and am a good writer. I have spent several years at university so I have some idea of how to string a few sentences together. I also have lots of experience in SEO on the whole. But I lack allot in other areas.

    I currently have 5 websites that have finished and they are done on Joomla. I have 40 other domains I would like done. I have never taken a product and marketed it nor have I ever been an affiliate.

    What I would like to do is exchange my SEO knowledge and my team here in the Philippines for work and for consultation regarding IM.

    So what I propose is that people on BHW can post what they need done and what they can do. No money exchange just exchanging one service for another.

    Here are my needs:
    1. Websites done in Joomla
    2. Some Photoshop work
    3. A Pitch Page that can be used over and over
    4. Consultation with a Joomla expert
    5. Someone to help launch a forum I have www.gambling*2*win.c0m (not live) 99% ready and in Joomla - same layout as this forum.
    6. Blogging website where you an advertise with Worpress*for*allblogs.c0m Joomla need work

    There are numerous things I could use some help with. I am retired and don't have allot of money. So I want to exchange some of the services I am good at for services someone else is good at.

    Here is what I can do for you:
    1. Create Web 2.0 maxed blogs on Hubpages, Wordpress, Blogger. Create blogs on other high PR Blogging sites with ********.

    2. Create backlinks for you with directory submissions or by making comments in ******** blogs.

    3. We can comment in forums and Yahoo or whatever you like..CL may be too time intensive.

    4. We can create maxed Web 2.0 Squidoo lenes and make 5 star comments on them. We can follow up with with comments on other Squidoo lenses.

    5. We can create scripts for bookmarks and we can bookmark every blog we do and run them through an RSS aggregators and Ping them too.

    5. Do an in depth keyword analysis on your site and research your competitor's keywords and other things I won't mention.

    There are lots of services I can offer in exchange for what I need. This will also give me the opportunity to work with others who are like minded. Especially when it comes to making money on the internet.

    Please don't contact me to write articles for you for $1, $2 or even $10 each. I am a decent writer but I hate writing. I only do this as part of a package I am currently offering on this website.

    Now when you offer your services please don't be silly and think that I am going to toil away for weeks on end all hours of the day and night in exchange for having a website developed for me. Be fair and you will get much more than you anticipate. Also, I want say one last thing and that is just because I am in the Philippines it does not mean what I do here is cheap or of poor quality. I price myself in my work and what we produce here. I can provide some of he work we do but will postpone that right now to see if it ok to post it here.

    Please note that is is ok to hijack this thread!

    You can PM me here or contact me at franko 4*444 @ gmail dot c0m
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