1. purplehaze.69

    Looking for Backend Full Stack Developer

    I'm looking for backend full stack developer to help with my LPs. short-term project. pm for more details.
  2. stefcaam

    MUST READ! How To Become Web Developer In 2023 - Full Guide, Expectations & Roadmap!

    How To Become Web Developer In 2023? We all know that the IT industry has exploded in the last couple of years. The good news is that the wages are still huge, there are too many companies, there are twice as many jobs and the demand is high. You may have asked yourself, how do I become a...
  3. Mr.montez

    Wordpress Help needed. I want to make one part of my backend dashboard visible to all my users

    Hello, do anyone have experience before with making WordPress's backend admin dashboard (Only one part of it) become visible on the front end for all users but they can only view and not be able to edit anything?
  4. speedie

    Crazy Question for the WordPress Savvy

    Is it possible to make a WordPress site anti-clonable? If yes, does any plugin already exist for this? If no, are you or a developer you know able to implement an anticlone function from the backend or control panel of a WordPress site?
  5. Yuvalg2

    How should i use my 4.5 years of Web-Developing experience to earn some $$$

    Hey, recently i became a free man without a job, i'm devoting most of my time for myself and things i care about, therefore i prefer not to work "full time" at this time of life. Any ideas how can i use my Web Developing skills to earn money on the side ? *I don't want to do something that...
  6. M

    i am new!

    Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself.. I am Mariska and i'm a full stack developer (java, mysql, elasticsearch, php, vue) interesting in new technologies.
  7. toFacebook

    PPC for link forwarding service

    I have a link forwarding service that shares any URL to Facebook. And I'm wondering if there are any ways to monetize on the transaction. I'm sending a boatload of traffic through the service and it basically connects any URl to Facebook and there is no user interface. It's all backend. Are...
  8. J

    Anyone know or have a guess at how an app is able to get the backend keywords off an Amazon listing?

    I'm hoping there is a way for me to find my competitors backend keywords manually, without having to pay a site for the data.
  9. L

    Best backend language for a membership website

    Hey guys, What would be the best programming language or framework to use for a website where users can create profiles and fill in information? It has to be flexible enough to allow future modifications (to add new features to the website). Someone told me that he can do it using Wordpress...
  10. toxicco

    PVA Accounts and SMM Panel Setup [ Need some info ]

    Hello BHW :) I'm using SMM Resellers for some time now, but I want to extend a little. I have Facebook,Twitter and YoutubePVA accounts that where used for diff rent occasions in the past , like MassPlanner ( For Facebook ) and the others by manual working( took some time ). I own a SMM Panel...
  11. SirJackneeOff

    I need a SEO butt kicking... (should this be under black or white hat SEO???)

    All right... I am asking for some help with my website. A word to the wise, I am a creative and graphic design is my passion. This website would be awesome if I could make money from it but I see it as a learning tool for young people and students. Right now, I am writing a few more blogs and...
  12. A

    My New Incetive CPA Offer, How do you montezie such email list?

    Hi there, I just build an "FREE Xbox Live Gold Subscription" CPA offer. First they signup with email that is injected to my autoresponder, then they have to enter more information like name, gender, phone number. And then go through a co-reg path, and last they have to complete 2 silver offers...
  13. S

    Ciao BHW World

    Hello BHW Stewie Griffin here, I'm here to find others who want to take of the world with me. Seriously I know a lot about SEO and online marketing traffic conversion sales funnels back end upsells downsells you name it. Just looking for more ways to get more traffic kick the search engines...
  14. S

    Site Back End

    Is there a tool, or indeed a way I can view the backend hierarchy (tree view) much like FileZilla - BUT if I don't own the site? I think I used a tool called blackwidow before, but it was a bit clunky. Anyone got some good tips here? Thanks in advance
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