b2b cold email

  1. Geth_Prime

    Cold Email Leads Like its 2023: 10,000 Verified B2B Leads from $65 Email, Full Name, Company, Website, Business Address & More!

    Get High-Quality B2B Leads For your Cold Emailing Campaigns Are you looking for a reliable source of B2B leads to supercharge your cold email campaigns and boost your client acquisition? Look no further! I'm offering a top-notch B2B lead generation service utilizing the powerful database of...
  2. Geth_Prime

    How I managed to 20x my freelancing business

    Hey BHW, Geth Prime here. I may not have a massive post count here on this forum, but believe me, I'm lurking around like a ninja. I can't resist coming back time and time again to soak in all the juicy knowledge and wisdom this place has to offer. So, a few years back, around 2016, I got...
  3. Mitch_Connor

    Email addresses for B2B Cold emailing?

    Hello everyone. How and where can I best find (or scrap) email addresses for cold email marketing in a specific niche? I work in the B2B sector and have only been active in Central Europe so far. However, I would like to sell internationally in- and outside of europe
  4. SOCOM

    ❤️ How to Get SEO & Web Development Clients in 20 Different Ways [10 SLOTS for v1] ❤️

    Do you have an agency and you’re constantly looking up how to get SEO clients or how to get clients for web design? You might just be in luck. Right here is a comprehensive video course that will show you different ways that I have used and learned to find SEO clients. I want to be upfront...

    Best cold emailing practices

    Reaching out to new prospects and making B2B interactions is tough. Cold emails are necessary, but how do you make them as good as possible? Feel free to share tips/ideas on making cold emails less... cold. Chime in.
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