1. H

    What are some of the ways you are making money on autopilot?

    Be it an automation news site, automated youtube channel, affiliate automation or anything, comment down the tools and method you are using. Let's help each other!
  2. drbyos

    Did ou have problems with autoblogged ?

    I have bought a multisite licence of autoblogged friday, but I realised is not what I need the software and I applied for theyr 30-day money back guarantee policy 2 hours after purchase. I had an email from them saying I will receive the money in max 2 business days. Today still no money, no...
  3. blackhatbeavis


    Anyone any experience with this WP plugin? I understand it only posts excerpts from an RSS feed based on my chosen keywords. How would using this effect my ranking on the SERPs? Good, bad, indifferent??? Thanks in advance Beav
  4. Comic

    Autoblogged vs WP Robot - Advice needed

    I recently purchased Autoblogged and I'm currently regretting it. I bought the 50 site license and the problem is their support documents is some of the worst I have ever seen. When I search "Autoblogged Tutorial" the only thing that comes up is some contest they ran a while ago. After burning...
  5. autoblogged

    AutoBlogged has full text feeds, giving away copies

    Fellow bhw members: we have just announced the release candidate for AutoBlogged v2.9 with support for full text feeds. This is a big update and we need help testing it out so we have decided to give free copies of the release candidate to anyone here who wants one. The release candidate is a...
  6. autoblogged

    Autoblogging tutorial contest

    AutoBlogged tutorial contest - Win $250 cash, premium WP themes, and plugins. To showcase the number of unique things that can be accomplished with autoblogging software, we are sponsoring a contest to reward the creativity of our users. We are looking for articles, screencasts, or videos that...
  7. S

    Autoblog plugins and rewrite content

    Hi, what pluging of autobloggin (wp-robot, autoblogged, wp-o-matic, etc) has option for rewrite content and randomize? If no, what i should use for rewrite autoposts? I want that when find keyword ABCDEF rewrite it with GHIJKL or MNOPQ or RSTVW keywords, randomize the keyword Thanks
  8. 3

    Autoblogged Hyperlinked Images

    Hi Just a quick question about autoblogged. How do you edit the template to make the images hyperlinked to the same link as the link from the feed? This is for Amazon rss feeds where you add the tag on to the end of the feed which makes all your links affiliate links. It is posting fine...
  9. J

    Creating a large autoblog and noindexing all of the dupe content

    I'm about to create an autoblog which pulls in full rss feeds from various sites. From past experience, initial organic traffic will drop once Mr Google realises its a spammy dupe content blog. So this time I am going to no-index all of the autoblogged posts and only allow indexing of...
  10. amsterdamned

    Autoblogged MySQL question

    Hey, I was wondering if someone knows what the heck my host is talking about. Today my (rather large package) but shared hosting account got disabled due to autoblogged. (Yes I know I should be on a VPS) but the host said something interesting: The script could run very well (even on...
  11. T

    Wordpress Autoblog Portfolio Image Not Showing

    Hey guys, I'm running Autoblogged fed by Yahoo Pipes with the B1gEasy theme from W0othemes, and the portfolio image isn't showing up. I've been messing with it for a couple days now, and not getting anywhere! Does anyone have a clue what to do? Here's a couple screenshots of pertinent info...
  12. sean815

    An Autoblog Journal for ya!

    I decided to journal my autoblog journey as a newbie since I enjoy reading other journals on this site. They inspire me :) Of course most start and never finish. Lets hope thats not me as well and I can keep my A.D.D. at bay :D The Plan? The plan is too have 150 or so blogs in various niches...
  13. webmarketingmaster

    Autoblogged Configuration

    Ive started to test out the Autoblogged plug-in for wordpress and Im running into some problems setting it up. Or course Ive tried the Autoblogged support and its been days and 3 requests and they havent gotten back to me. Dont get me wrong, Autoblogged seems so far to be a good product...
  14. I

    Autoblogged 2.4.22

    Hi, i need help. My rss template looking so: ----------------------------------------------- %if:image%<div>%image%</div>%endif:image% <p>%content%</p> <p><a target="_blank" href="%link%" title="%title%" rel="nofollow">%title%</a></p> ----------------------------------------------- The...
  15. T

    WP Autoblogged - How to delete trackback URL's?

    With WP Autoblogged, how would I go about deleting the trackback URL's or changing them to my page? (since I'm using WP as a doorway) Is this in the code or in the database? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Nishville

    My first autoblog!

    Hello feelas, This is my first topic here and with a REASON! I made my first autoblog and I'm happy as a dog with two dicks :cool: Anyhow... I wanted to ask you for some advice and what should I do next. I was reading some of the tutorial you guys made and I learned alot from em! Thanks for...
  17. S

    question About autoblogged?

    well I'm using autoblogged to grab feeds but my question is how i do to grab also the categories? :S i try with the configuration but no luck, thanks:)
  18. autoblogged

    AutoBlogged autoblogging contest - Win $200 cash and premium themes

    AutoBlogged is looking for the coolest stuff that people can do with AutoBlogged and we figured what better place to find the talent than this forum. We are holding our first ever autoblogging contest. We are looking for web sites that we can use to show off what you can do with AutoBlogged...
  19. fakeplastictrees

    Feeds for Autoblogged

    I was just wondering if anyone has any better suggestions for feed sources. Right now I just use google's blog search with my relevant keyword, sometimes yahoo. Is this fine or should I mix it up a bit? Anyone have any better suggestions?
  20. recep

    full rss in autoblogged

    Hello friends, can anyone tip me how can l fedge the full rss content from selected feed. ?
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