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    Autoblog software major problem!!!!!!

    Hello. I have a major problem with Autoblog software and maybe someone can help me. I open my software, I manage to connect to my blogger account and retrieve all the blogs, but once I hit the "Add blog" button, it gives me this error: Unhandled exception has occurred in your application...
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    mass autoblog tools are there any?

    I assume there are good wordpress blog building tools out there, but I hav not seen any. If anyone can suggest a tool that you give your domain to and it automatically builds the wordpress sites and gets them ranked and puts the adsense on the sites for you and has the capability to quickly...
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    [Beta test] Autobloggin plateform - Link Farm Evolution Like

    Hi guy ! Now I have been finich to code an AutoBlog manager named FarmBlog. It is based on WPMU blog managing. You can autopost spinned content wich is posted on a selected WPMU blogs, manage links, change the themes, approve comments... Automatically The first version needs to be Beta tested...
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    Betatesters needed - Semi Autoblogging Software - BlogHatter

    Hey guys, my new software for autoblogging is ready. I've already made a betatesting in the white hat side, now I want to test the black hat side :D . Yes, I want somebody to stress it and tell me if it is really cool as I (and the whitehat betatesters) think. What is BlogHatter? Take a look at...
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