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  1. TheToolbox

    [JV] your autoblog skills + my scraping/automation skills

    Requirements I search someone that have good experience in autoblogging and earn money with that. I want to work long term with you. What you get I can generate in google suggestion infinity keywords and scrape with that keywords in google search some articles. Revenue Share are 50/50
  2. G

    Looking for a RSS Feed to Blogger Software

    I'm looking for a software or a web-based service RSS Aggregator that can autopost in Blogger blogs. IFTTT has been working great for me but unfortunately it doesn't have the feature to strip links or modify the content in any way. I've tried searching in BHW but it seems like most tools...
  3. creatorsaurabh001

    Auto blogging Still works in 2016?

    is the auto blogging still alive? if yes can you please suggest me some great plugins? i am using Newspaper 7 theme
  4. X

    Top plugin Autoblog, autopost &Co. for Wordpress - Who is the best?

    Hello guys I'm venturing into the creation of a blog that automatically post content taken from rss news, and i need to find the best plugin that works well. I wanted to create a list of the ones I know, do you know anyone? Wordpress Automatic Plugin - Codecanyon Autoblog - WPMUDEV WPeMatico...
  5. 7yearitch

    blogger autoblog: anyone doing this anymore?

    hi, i just landed a deal offline. a friend of a friend wants to have a blogspot blog to promote her honda dealership. i'm planning to make an autoblog on and scrape latest news on honda locally, and get traffic via FB ads. i've looked around and so far autoblog samurai seems like...
  6. J

    Best Auto Blogging Wordpress plug-in

    Hello, I have word press site/blog, and I am looking for best working paid/free plugin to automate/auto-post new post for selected niche. Can anyone help me to get the best plugin for my site! Thanks!
  7. G

    RSS to EMAIL - autoblogging. zero investments. limitless scaling :D

    Hello everyone! We are glad to announce that RSS to EMAIL program is now complete and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. You can use this nice piece of software not only to feed your inbox with your favorite RSS feed updates, but it is also useful for earning some extra cash! How you ask? Very...
  8. macdonjo3

    Why Do Newbies Start With Autoblogs? Is It Really Worth It? Let Me Explain.

    You yourself, may be trying to get onto this "Internet marketing gold rush" although, it is obviously not. Let's get this straight, there is no get rich quick methods or fully autopilot methods. So those of you who are trying to autoblog to get rich quick and have an autopilot income, need to...
  9. O

    About dup/content, and has anybody used Blog This! (by Google)

    I have read various things here and elsewhere about duplicate content, Arrogant Google, doesn't like it. So I have been using Chrome here recently, and have checked out some of the extensions. I found this one: Blog This! (by Google) Basically Google's just saying, "Hey go find some cool...
  10. 1

    My first autoblog YAY !

    After so many weeks/months of trying to get a autoblog, I have finally succeeded YAY! :rockon: However, this was part accident. I was trying to find something which led me to find something else and then something else and at last stumbling upon this one website which had this autoblog script...
  11. D

    Betatesters needed - Semi Autoblogging Software - BlogHatter

    Hey guys, my new software for autoblogging is ready. I've already made a betatesting in the white hat side, now I want to test the black hat side :D . Yes, I want somebody to stress it and tell me if it is really cool as I (and the whitehat betatesters) think. What is BlogHatter? Take a look at...
  12. S

    Autoblog from Rss using wordpress plugin to blogspot

    Hi... I understand that UAW and caffeinated content is used to pull articles from RSS to wordpress cms but does anyone to send the feeds to blogspot using emal posting address? Thanks :-)
  13. I

    Autoblogged 2.4.22

    Hi, i need help. My rss template looking so: ----------------------------------------------- %if:image%<div>%image%</div>%endif:image% <p>%content%</p> <p><a target="_blank" href="%link%" title="%title%" rel="nofollow">%title%</a></p> ----------------------------------------------- The...
  14. S

    Need to Hire an Autoblogger

    If you are experienced autoblogger please PM me for your services or reply to this thread. Give examples and stats. i have all the premium plugins and themes and domains already, and am an seo expert myself. I want the best autoblogs, full rss txts, images, i dont use adsense, i use other...
  15. I

    Autoblog blogger with popular tags

    1- Login to you Account and create a new blog. 2- Then Click Settings > Email and create the email which is shown beside Mail-to-Blogger Address. Your email will be like this [email protected] 3- Just Below this email setting, Click at Publish...
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