auto comment

  1. M

    How to auto comment on New YouTube videos?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there was any software capable of automatically commenting the new video of a specific YouTube channel? It's not for spam or anything, I only need to do this once. If you have any suggestions it would be cool, thanks.
  2. F

    Looking for a Facebook Page Auto Comment Bot for Posts

    Hello, I need to be able to automatically comment with a photo to upcoming posts on a specific facebook page at the exact time the post is published, preferably with multiple accounts, hopefully, someone can get back on whether this can be done, probably with a python script. This is for a...
  3. F

    Looking for a Facebook Auto Comment Bot

    Hello, I need to be able to automatically comment with a photo to upcoming posts on a facebook page , preferably with multiple accounts, is there any program that can do this? I´ve been told followinglike works for this purpose, but I'm not quite sure about it, could you advise? thanks.
  4. james33

    Who Auto comments on Facebook group ?

    I know I guy who doing this on many Facebook groups by auto commenting on their Facebook group . How can do this?
  5. P

    Bot Youtube Viewer Using Facebook with auto share and auto comment

    for this session i am make bot youtube viewer using facebook and i make this bot auto share on wall facebook and auto comment for video youtube share on facebook, so your video always on your friend wall. and i am using facebook for make good source traffic on your channel youtube check this...
  6. melfornazari

    Looking for Facebook auto bump!

    I'm looking for some software/plugin that auto bump group post on facebook. It just need to automatically comment the posts. Please help me find it guy...
  7. V

    auto comment tool that can emulate human behavior? any idea?

    Hi guys, first, i have to say it's not a ad for a certain bot but i'm just curious this tool~~ Actually i posted my first thread which is related to auto comment tool and a member suggest one called "blog commenting ninja", i visited its site and feel a little bit surprised about its features...
  8. V

    Comment on disqus work or not? Any tool to spam comment on this system?

    Hi guys, need your feedback. Pls help~!
  9. imupnow

    Instagram Bot - (Auto Follow,UnFollow,Like,Comment AND MORE!!)

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 12/28/2014 ---- Instagram Avenger - Auto Like Feature (How to get instagram likes) **To See More Videos On How This Bot Works Visit
  10. F

    YouTube auto comment software

    Is there software or bot that can be used to auto comment on Youtube? And also to auto like that comment :) It is boring to login to 10 accounts and like same comment.
  11. ExtremeSEO

    Got Spammers? Fight Back with SpamX - The Blackhat Spam Fighting WP Plugin

    Got spammers? It's now time to fight back using SpamX! ***which is ironic since I am a spammer ;) A simple script that automates the ultimate spammer payback! When a spammer posts a comment, the info is saved to the database. The system then auto-comments/spams their blog/URL and then...
  12. painreliefbullet

    Best Way For Auto Commenting With Blogger/Blogspot?

    I have two blogs under my blogspot account and I bought the domain for one. I have adsense running on my non adult cat blog, but I'm not making anything. I even have 17900 something followers on Twitter. I'm a new person here and wanted to know if anyone can suggest an auto commenter for my...
  13. I

    Auto Commenting with Autoblog Samurai

    Does anyone know if you can auto comment with autoblog samurai?
  14. P

    how can i find blog auto comment software

    i want to know from all how to find auto blog comment tool for my blog.i know of one,which the name have skip me.i know there is a lot out there which i can use to accomplish my task.i want to know from you all
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