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  1. Deadlight

    ✅ LIVE ✅ Become A Topical Authority In Your Niche. Dominate Google In 2023!

    Get MASSIVE Traffic Without Backlinks. CRUSH Your Competitors in 2023. Let's get straight to the point. You want traffic. LOTS of traffic. FAST. Without spending $10,000 on backlinks Or YEARS waiting. You need to convince Google to rank you. ASAP. There is a way to achieve this. By...
  2. Deadlight

    Become A Topical Authority In Your Niche [3 Beta Testers Wanted]

    Trying a new service.... Topical authority is one of the most important ranking factors. Once Google begins to see you as a trusted source, ranking in your niche will become MUCH easier and FASTER. This guy got 300k traffic on a new domain, with no backlinks, in just a few months using the...
  3. Gravitylab

    4000$ to spend. what to do..

    i have been saving 4000-5000$ as my extra cash, which i have earned through a local real estate way, now i am thinking to get this into some online work, and hope to make some around upto 500$ per month... first, i thought about setting up or getting a reseller programme of instagram...
  4. Sofiamartinez

    ✈️ [Journey] Building 20 Sites With 1 Million Visits Per Month ⛔ Case Study - Lets Do It

    Hey BHW Family I own a Virtual Assistant Digital Marketing Agency with 50+ Experienced Employees. I am adding some more to test out a few successful SEO/Content Writing strategies that worked for me in the past to build the 20 sites. I am planning to do all manual with the quality a twist in...
  5. D

    Which Niche is Best for Authority Website?

    Hello, I am now going to start my journey to build an Authority Site and ready to give my 6-months in to it by building and maintain it. My Friend also try to help me in this journey by writing quality Articles and in the end we hopefully reach to our milestone which is ultimately good amount...
  6. BeeruzSama

    [Authority Site Journey] Organic Growth to 100k visitors per month

    Welcome to my journey. This site was started on a fresh domain on 31-12-2020. Goal was to have 70 articles by 1-04-2021, done 170. So that’s the amount of articles on the site at the time of writing. All articles are 1000+ words with an average of 1678 words per article. Traffic stats (no...
  7. I

    How to Beat Large Authoritative News Sites

    Hi guys, i'm currently working on growing a relatively old (2 year-old) semi authority site ( low 30s DR PR) on the educational/school niche. However, a lot of the keywords is already taken by highly authoritative news sites (high 60-70s DR PR) with hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of...
  8. NightEmperor

    Building a Digital Publishing Empire by writing 50.000 words a week.

    TLRD: Messed up first journey, now I'll start again with authority sites that are somewhat related to each other and a niche viral site to connect the two. I want to create a rabbit hole of content consumption and have people spend as much time on my sites as possible. Basically I want to own a...
  9. W

    what is authority site? how to build one?

    what is authority web site? how to build one? can anyone explain this?
  10. S

    Authority Site in Spanish Journey

    Hello lovely people, First of all I'd like to really thank everyone on this forum who post OC as well as those who reply with great, insightful answers. It's a pleasure to read basically everything on here and learn something new each time. Anyways... So after kind of giving up on an amazon...
  11. kasabian21

    Want To Earn a Passive Income? Start Making Money With Expert-Written Authority Sites...

    Expert-Written Health, Fitness & CBD Authority Sites. Let’s cut to the chase. You want a website that has the potential to get lots of traffic and make money, right? Well, I’m here to construct that website for you. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this BST, I must make it very clear...
  12. F

    [JOURNEY] Growing with domtrens to an Authority site 100$/Day (arleady earning)

    I am currently at 15-20 a day with my website. And I can't wait till I get to a 100$/day. I earn more with this site via Clickbank, but I don't count these earnings, because they are from a different journey. But so far Ezoic and Adsense pay almost nothing for visitors from quora, so the ad...
  13. hackgrowth

    Best Authority Site Resources

    What site/courses would you recommend to be the best source of knowledge for someone with zero knowledge to start learning about creating an authority site from scratch? A lot of the authority site journeys posted here starts from zero, but the OPs definitely know what they're doing and have...
  14. Will It Profit

    1 Year Journey to $5k Per Month with an Authority Site and Local Sites

    Hi all, welcome to my journey thread. Hopefully this thread will help with motivating me to reach my goals. I used to do IM full-time but started slacking off and getting lazy. Eventually, my income dropped too low and it was difficult to get back on track with limited income to invest in my...
  15. unknownmehed

    Who is your Authority Link Service Provider?

    I am looking to buy a few authority site links each month. I am not looking a reseller service provider or who charge unrealistic. Example link could be and charge around 200 bucks(just giving expectation). A Real authority with decent traffic. I have seen lots of website with huge...
  16. Yee

    [Journey] - Build Adult Leadgen

    Hi there, I started this journey for building my adult cash cow but lately I noticed I don’t see any cash or cow and because of that I made this journal for planning and motivation. #Problem In order to make money online I need traffic, preferable from SE but unfortunately i’m not in that...
  17. homeriscool

    Are local authority sites profitable?

    Hi all, im thinking of building a local authority site but wondering if anyone else has tried it? Can it be monetized easily enough? What about ranking for multiple keywords / niches? Any tips, ideas or experience would be appreciated....thanks
  18. LucasL

    [Journey] Brand New Site To $100/Day - Authority site

    Hey, So here it is.. My journey on growing my first English Authority Site. If you want to know a little more about me before I dive into it, just click the spoiler :) My focus points for this website : - High quality content. - Treat it like a business. It has been one of my biggest mistake...
  19. Clare Jane

    ★Make Passive Income With High CPC+ Adsenes Authority Sites - BONUS SEO Package★

    This thread will be recently updated with new packages, prices and discount packages Please check last post before order a package and don't miss the bonus package! FAQ- : 1. Do you provide domain and hosting ? - No, We suggest the EMD to buy domain and link hosting for us, Once done you...
  20. El Magico

    Should I make a general Authority Site or Site More Niche Focused

    Should I make a general Authority Site or Site More Niche Focused, For example choosing a golf review site or maybe a martial arts review site vs gold club review site or karate review site. Would be better to do a general big review site which probably has a lot of power lots more links but is...
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