1. R

    Building website using elementor or any other builder?

    I'm using an Astra Theme, and what is better to build a website, elementor? Or any other? I just want a simple website. Purpose of website : blog and affiliated products. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. puneetas3

    [Need Advice] Best WP Theme for Elementor to create variety of Client sites

    Hi, I need some suggestions regarding the best WP theme to use with elementor. People who take on web dev clients, please do advise. A little background- I am a coder. I develop WP plugins from scratch for clients mostly for woocommerce, buddypress etc, but I want to take on the web dev clients...
  3. IM Rider

    Astra pro / brainstorm force is crazy

    So I upgrade my Astra pro account to mini agency bundle. No one wants to buy template based websites now a days. Most of the clients wants customized website which you can build without Astra pro agency templates. So I want to go back / downgrade to Astra pro plan as my renewal date is due in 2...
  4. MehtaM

    Wix to Wordpress - HELP

    My friend made a website on Wix. Now I have to create it in Wordpress. I don't have much experience creating websites and facing problem imitating the exact design of Wix on Wordpress. I am using Astra+Elementor. It's a 5-6 pages website only. I've watched a lot of Wordpress tutorials but...
  5. cjstott

    Astra Demo Sites Not Importing - Please help - willing to pay

    Hi guys, I've installed Astra free theme on my website and tried to import one of the demo's and it's not working at all. I then paid a guy on fiver to install a premium version to see if that was the issue and that's not working either. Support said to increase PHP limit so Ive done all...