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  1. gatekept

    Re: The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know - Debunked

    This is an updated response to the thread "The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know." If you haven't seen this thread before, you can view it here: Associated Content is now Yahoo! Voices. The...
  2. T

    Yahoo! Voices Upfront Payments

    It says it will take 1 - 2 weeks. Is that for the content to get published? Because it says an upfront payment will be sent on the nearest business day. And does it usually take two weeks?
  3. J

    American looking for Article Writers

    As you may be aware, Yahoo Voices requires tax information for workers earning over $500 or otherwise they will not be paid. If you are not a US resident, and are unable to complete the necessary requirements to be paid by Yahoo Voices, contact me. We can create a partnership where I will...
  4. T

    best articles sources for pay!

    There was a thread on here detailing alternatives to Associated Content and listed several different websites that paid for different content. Ofcourse, I cant find that thread and I was wondering if anybody knew of that thread or could list a few that they use. Thanks:)
  5. R

    Associated content- How to stop frame break

    Hi BHW, Few months back i used a way to promote my associated content articles and reached 10k views in few days and earned 15$+ in paypal the following month :D But this doesn't work anymore! :( No advertising sites accept AC pages to promote my articles anymore and they say AC pages...
  6. W

    Boosting Yahoo AC PPV

    Does anyone have any experience with sending views to your Associated Content articles? I've found a service for human viewers here on BWH and got the idea. Obviously not all 10k on one article or at one time. If we were smart about it, would it work?
  7. Phobos

    Accomplished Writer - A Joint Venture

    NB: Dear Moderators - this is my very first thread. My profound apologies if this is in the wrong section. First off, warm regards from India. I've just started off here, and I'm looking for ways of making money that are easy, fast, and consistent. Associated Content appealed to me very...
  8. T

    A question about Associated Content

    I am a Article writing noob and I was wondering if you guys could help me out by answering 2 questions for me. Do you get paid for submitting articles that are not from the assignment desk? I mean writing my own content. And how long does it take for AC to approve an article? Thanks
  9. calebmann

    Understanding Associated Content + Tips & Tricks

    Can you embed youtube videos into bhw? idk but here is a good video to help you all understand associated content, plus some tips.:) no you cant, haha fail.. anyways here is the video!
  10. P

    AC, vpns proxies and paypal!

    Hi guys, first off I apologize if this has been answered before I have searched and searched and have asked questions in other threads which are yet to be answered. I was wondering if anyone could kindly advise , I've added the maximum number of email accounts to my paypal account and confirmed...
  11. download

    Associated Content Acquired by Yahoo

    First post, long time reader. :p Associated Content is being acquired by Yahoo! Hopefully this will mean higher rankings on search engines, higher payments, and more effective backlinks! What do you guys will happen to AC in the future? Read the news here...
  12. A

    How to earn from AC as non American ?

    Is there any way to earn from associated content as non American i am talking about the upfront payment method any solution ?
  13. V

    How much time takes to publish your content?

    Hi everyone. I'm quite new here so would be nice to discuss with u guys about my problems;]. I'm not from English speaking country but however i hope so that u will understand me. So it would be great to know how much time AC checks your submitted content ? Because I need to wait about two...
  14. MrDoru

    Is AC still working?

    I wanted to ask you guys if writing articles for upfront payments is still working. I used to do this last year in January. Is AC still paying, what updates can you give me? Also I would appreciate if you can give me details like: 1. Average payment for an article. 2. The percentage of...
  15. BigMACK

    I have a verified AC account Sitting idle. Need articles.

    I have had this account for years and just do not have the time to produce articles to post. At this time I am only looking for 1 JV partner that can provide quality articles. I will post the articles onto the account and we can split the profits 60/40. (60 to you and 40 for me). All articles...
  16. J

    My Method For AC. Is it good or bad?

    Ive not written much for AC, but I do have a little experience with it. Right now, im in a dire need for money. Well, maybe not dire, but I need to make some more steady income outlets. I NEVER know what to write about, and honestly, I dont know If I have the correct knowledge to outsource...
  17. entreprenuer

    $$$$PLACES THAT PAY FOR CONTENT$$$$~best compensation plan?

    by content networks I mean the following what one actually pays the best for bringing quality visitors that click on ads? do you know of any content networks that pay a certain percentage of ads clicked? or any that pay really well? what can you expect to make...
  18. J

    Looking To Buy PVA's

    Hi Fellas, I'm looking to buy like 2 AC PVA's. I've already PMed a seller concerning this BUT I'm yet to receive any reply. Looking forward to your PM's. Jabe
  19. R

    What comes AFTER AC???

    Ok some of you may have gotten your start on AC, just wondering I know it AC is not a bank breaker but it does open other doors for ways to make money, especially if you like writing. Just curious, for all that have changed your focus from making money on AC to elsewhere, any ideas for a...
  20. R


    Is there anyway to remove the C4C that are performance paid, because around 90% of mine are all performance payments which Is not what I'm looking for.
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